Thor VS Goku/Vegeta/Gohan

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Rules: Thor is amped with an unstable combination of cosmic/gamma energy without suffering the ill side effects"Hulking" himself out in the process

Thor is Bloodlusted

Place: West City

Thor Starts in the sky with Goku while Vegeta is on his way from Central city and Gohan from Satan city

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Even regular current Thor would give them hell.


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Well, Thor in my opinion is stronger than them individually, but collectively them might trump him, especially with one key factor. Goku and Vegeta fuse into Gogeta where their power is many times higher and they bring the win.
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What did Goku Vegeta and Gohan do to deserve this?
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Since Thor has been "hulked" out his one weakness is his uncontrollable rage/diminished intelligence, the more angry the less he'll have control over his hammer as it will deem him unworthy until he calms down as it happened in Fall of the Hulks. Goku,Vegeta,and Gohan can exploit this weakness giving them a slight advantage over the battle, but Thor is quite formidable without his hammer.

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here we go again

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@CerberusPrime3k: The OP states that Thor won't be suffering from any side effects so he won't be stupid or enraged.


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I'm going to say Thor because ordinary Thor is already FTL, strong enough to shatter planets and move the World Serpent, and durable enough to survive in the core of the Sun unscathed, not to mention all the powers that Mjolnir grant him are insane, such as the absorption of the Earth's entire electromagnetic field into it, the matter transmutation and massive energy projection e.g Godblast. A hulked out Thor will simply be far too strong and physically imposing, it's basically Thor with all his powers plus the Hulk's strength and durability combined with his own. Way too much power. And nobody here except Goku can even contend with Thor's speed because none are FTL except Goku with IT.


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I think DBZ character are capable of keeping with Thor in Speed, this treat has lots of info regarding Speed:

The OP hasn't really stated with powers the DBZ fighter are are they Mystic/SSJ3/SSJ2. If i'm not mistaken the Classic Thor could lift up the Midgard Serpent and do all those other crazy stuff but are we using Classic Thor or current.

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@niBBit: I used Mystic Gohan in my post to make it fairer for the Z Fighters.

There's no difference between Classic Thor and current Thor, in fact current Thor is stronger. That combined with Hulk's power should be too much for the Z Fighters.


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Thor wins... His strength is beyond that of any Z Character in DBZ, the guy can punch planets, lift a World-Size Serpent, and practically absorb energy from all over the goddamn galaxy! I remember a feat of Thor taking down Galactus I think, that should say he would win considering Galactus is easily above sky father level.
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@niBBit: The Z-fighters are all at their peaks during this battle.

@Newdeath: Sorry, I wasn't being very specific about the side effects mostly meant the whole dying in couple hours of being exposed to such a high amount of energy. I wouldn't count being less intelligent/enraged as an ill side effect its pretty much a given since hes a hulk he'll have some tendencies of being easily angered and the hammer will disobey him like it was during the events of Fall of the hulks.

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Besides pointing out gamma radiation pouring into Thor will do absolutely nothing to him, after a bloodlusted Thor throws his hammer the Z-fighters will find mjolnir sized holes through their chests like butter. Thor isn't just stronger or more durable than them, hes WAY STRONGER AND WAY MORE DURABLE. Making him go out for blood just makes him more likely to do what he did against the Angrir, despite not wanting to kill him, he still plowed a hole through his chest with Mjolnir.

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Anime wins 
Manga loses
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@MisterShin: I dont even see how the anime could win. It has never shown anything close to Current Thor is overall power, let alone this amped up monstrosity.
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Goku & Cooler fought a battle in an instant via IT as combat speed. 
Broly destroyed billions of stars & planets, he almost completely destroyed the south galaxy.
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@MisterShin: Thor is fast enough to blitz Goku before he can use IT. He blitzed SS recently.

Broly did it over time, which is why there was a surviving planet for Goku to look for Broly's ki.

Nothing in the anime suggests they can match Thor's level of power. And their energy attacks can just be absorbed into Mjolnir since he's already absorbed the energy from a bomb that was going to destroy an entire galaxy.


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im not sure....if thor fights goku hell win but allofthem?

kirisute gomen

a cross in the tombstone....

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