The Three Admirals Vs The Top Three Akatsuki Members

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Akatsuki Members




No Juubi or Rinnegan for Obito.

No Intangibility for The Admirals.

Itachi is in good health and Nagato is using The Six Paths of Pain.

In Character

Prep Time

Setting Marineford

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Unless they get their souls removed, I see the Admirals taking it.

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Akatsuki. Although Obito is not too much of a threat to the Admirals, a prepped Nagato most certainly is; he would solo with Chibaku Tensei. Itachi would have Susanoo out and Tobi can summon Gedo Mazo

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Man this would be one of the best anime fights ever.......... CAN SOMEONE MAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE!!! 
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Kizaru kicks them all.

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Akatsuki, but I see Itachi dying in the process.

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@katanalauncher said:

Akatsuki, but I see Itachi dying in the process.

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I'm reluctant to say the Akatsuki because the Admirals have better speed and strength overall versus the Akatsuki who lack both fields but make up for it with their hax'ness and versatility.

Itachi if given the chance, could put one of the Admiral's under a genjutsu like Tsukiyomi, and if necessary, Susano'o could counter anything the Admirals have to dish as well as has the ability to put them down for good.

Tobi isn't really a threat without the Rinnegan, his only option is to attack them by surprise, but I highly doubt that'll work with their Observation Haki.

Pein is a huge threat here, even if the two other Akatsuki members died he could revive them via Naraku Path or himself. His Chibaku Tensei puts the Admirals at a huge disadvantage but with enough intelligence and firepower it can be countered.

I think the Admirals take this after a long and difficult battle.

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Speed equal or this fight isn't fair.

Each of the admirals can 1shot them.

Kizaru can easily put holes in them with his abilities if he doesn't just blitz kicked them all.

Akainu can just launch magma on them from afar.

Aokiji can casually freeze all of them instantly.

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The Admirals.
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@TheNeutralOne: One shot is stretching it a bit too far, Pein alone is enough to handle all three because of his ability to manipulate gravity.

Highly doubt Akoiji or Akuma could do anything to hurt someone like Pein or Itachi since they have both the offense and defense to put him down.

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None of them have any defensive feats to withstand the admirals.

The ability to manipulate gravity? How does that help you when there is a guy capable of teleporting behind you and kicking your chest out of your body before you realize it?

Aokiji can instant freeze any of them.Yes that mean the six paths are useless here. Find me a feat proving otherwise and maybe that'll be an argument. Itachi has no defense to stop the likes of kizaru and aokiji. If he feels nice how about he freeze itachi in the susano'o. He did insta freeze two waves vastly greater in size than it.

Akainu can spam magma fists and red dog itachi in the chest.

All of these characters are non factor to the admirals.

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@TheNeutralOne: Itachi's Yata Mirror absorbs elemental attacks, or so, has resistance to anything being elemental base. His Susano'o tanked the explosion of a Chibaku Tensei, BD (Bijuu Dama), Rasen Shuriken, and his own powers added.

A stab from the Totsuki Blade should instantly end any battle between the Admirals because of its sealing properties.

Itachi has Tsukiyomi which should distract any Admiral.

Kizaru charges when he teleports, I see this as a reasonable explanation as to why Pein should be capable of using Shinra Tensei to counter Kizaru attacks... along with the fact that his vision works from different bodies, allowing him to see and avoid oncoming attacks.

Look, I'm not saying the Akatsuki are winning this but I'm saying the Admirals aren't winning this as easily as you're making it out to be, saying either members of the Akatsuki are a non-factor is kinda idiotic if you know their abilities and strong they stand with their abilities.

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I understand the akatsuki members are strong. But you are severely underestimating the admirals. None of these members have any means whatsoever of surviving the first 10seconds. Kizaru's can control teh speed at which he uses the yata mirrors. The first time he used it was to show us it. Right after using it he used it instantaneously to appear in front of drake. There are many instances in which you see just the teleporting and no charge up at all and it is instaneous.

None of them can survive a kick from kizaru. Having more than one set of eyes doesn't help you see what can't be seen in the first place. What happens if kizaru just casually spams his light beams from a distance? It'll just open holes in all of them before they can realize. Considering they are light and not lazers.

Aokiji can insta freeze. There is no argument to counter that. All he has to do is touch teh ground and they are done. The susano'o included. The yata mirror does not cover the entire susano'o. Its only in the left hand. Aokiji's attack isn't like in naruto where they shoot straight forward fire blasts and water attacks. Its full aoe. Meaning unless that thing can cover the whole body at once it is done. Not to mention the susnao'o puts a serious strain on the users body. Even assuming he could keep up enough to block aokiji's first attack he can't keep it up the whole fight.

I'm not saying the akatsuki are weak. Personally one of my favourite characters in the series is itachi and he is indeed awesome but physically they are weak. Only provided he can get the susano'o up and keep it up for the entire fight.

Kizaru would do to them what he did to the supernova's. He'd teleport to one and kick the crap out of them which they can't react to, instantly teleport to the other and kick the crap out of them and then obito is done because sure kamui is cool for incoming attacks that you can see but he doesn't know where the attack is coming from. Assuming he is teh last and not the first to get the kick then he will pose a problem.

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Lmao. Can't believe people are seriously saying the Akatsuki even stand a chance here

A single admiral can probably solo this.

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@supernova7005 said:

Lmao. Can't believe people are seriously saying the Akatsuki even stand a chance here

A single admiral can probably solo this.

Before or after they get amaterasu summoned on their faces?

Speed is irrelevant since Pain can trap all 3 of them with planetary devastation or whatever the hell it's called

Yata mirror reflects damage and susanoo's ribcage alone tanked a mountain busting technique

Itachi also managed to appear behind Killer Bee without him even noticing and Killer Bee is as fast as Ay, who dodged amaterasu at point blank

Animal path can summon invisible chameleons that are strong enough to hold down bijuu mode Naruto as well as armies of giant creatures

Deva Pain beat Sage mode Naruto, kept up with bloodlusted cloaked beast Naruto, and even managed to capture him with planetary

The Akatsuki aren't slower than the admirals where the hell are you people getting that from? Deva, Itachi, and Tobi are high tier speedsters. Tobi was keeping up with Bijuu mode Naruto, gated Guy, and Kakashi all at the same time and those 3 are also high tier speedsters

Hell, all Pain has to do really is hide in the invisible chameleon, have it sneak up on an admiral, eat him, and remove his soul inside the chameleon

Tobi would make for great distraction too and he still has fire release techniques

Lets not forget about Gedo Mazo either

Oh yea and gengutsu illusions

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Pain literally solos this match

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At first I thought it was all of akatsuki. The Admirals win. But the akatsuki trio is dangerous. They can potentially kill or defeat the admirals even with intangibility off, it's just less likely.
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Itachi can gengutsu one of them and amaterasu another right off the bat. Why are the admirals doing anything other then dying horribly?

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