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Out of these 3, which one is Physically more powerful?

  • Monkey D. Luffy
  • Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Naruto Uzamaki

Round 1- Lifting Strength (Standard Form)

Round 2- Striking Power (Standard Form)

Round 3- Above 2 but all three in strongest mode/transformation

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Luffy in the first two, Ichigo in his FGT form

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Post by taichokage (17,002 posts) See mini bio Level 20
Luffy in the first 2, Ichigo in the 3rd.
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Luffy in all 3 IMO

Once again IMO Gear 3rd + Armament Haki is Faster, stronger, and more Impressive than Ichigo destroying a pathetic excuse of a mountain... It was more like a Large Hill... But whatever I say Luffy has better/more impressive feats than FGT Ichigo, and I'm willing to discuss them if there are any questions...

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Well if Luffy pulverized a mountain (or even a hill) with his air pressure, or tapped away a torrent of gravity warping space/time I would agree. But he is currently the physically strongest by feats no doubt.
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@taichokage: Luffy punched through bedrock in ababasta and created a STORM from his punches, not only is that testiment to his strength but also to his speed, he was calced at mach 30 for that feat faster than anything in Naruto or Bleach... And that was pre time skip...

And just because a character has great striking power (In this case Ichigo) doesn't mean he has equal "lifting strength" Ichigo has NO lifting feats whatsoever, so its a NLF to claim his lifting strength is stronger than Luffy's who has MULTIPLE lifting feats...

So even if you wanna argue that FGT Ichigo has a higher Destructive Capacity than Luffy, it's unquestionable that Luffy has more lifting strength, so Round 3 would be a tie...

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That's kind of a NFL itself honestly. That's like saying that Chopper can punch harder than Diamond Jozu because we've only seen lifting feats and bull rushes from the latter, but Chopper has a plethora of striking feats. Obviously Jozu is superior in both aspects based on his notably greater lifting feat alone.
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@taichokage: While i pretty much agree, i doubt anyone in Bleach and Naruto has or will ever have OP level lifting feats so yeah i say Luffy >>> FGT in terms of lifting.

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Luffy for all three.

I believe One Piece has consistently been shown to have the best strength feats among the HST.

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luffy of course.

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I could understand Luffy being stronger than Naruto but Ichigo?

Naruto in RM had enough power to lift and throw the Jinchuurikis, not just that but he puts Ichigo to shame as well.

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