The Paper Sisters Vs The Elric Brothers

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-Both teams are bloodlust  
-No prep time 
-Standard equipment for both teams 
-Both teams start the fight about two hundred feet apart  
-Both Alchemy and Paperkinesis work in this world 
-The fight take place in the Library (with no Vashta Nerada or Charlotte in it, and all the book's papers are blank) 
Who will win, Paper or Alchemy?    
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Is that water I see in the center of the library?
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The water isn't the center of the library (it just a small part of the library) But this is the place they start the battle

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So long as any of the paper doesn't touch the water, the Paper Sisters have a great advantage in this match thanks to the large number of books in the library via creating large waves of paper to incapacitate or ensnare the Elrics. While the trio is nowhere as proficient at paper magic as Yomiko, they can still be quite dangerous as paper magic is capable of making paper strong enough to cut through steel (trouble for Al if he gets hacked apart) and durable enough to withstand bomb blasts. 
However, this doesn't mean it would be impossible for the Elrics to win this battle. Michelle and Maggie are completely dependent on their paper magic and the Elrics finding a means of using the water in the library to their advantage would be a problem for the two elder Paper Sisters. In addition, Ed and Al are also quite fast on their feet and capable of whipping up their alchemy quicker than the Paper Sisters whipping up their paper magic. I would say chances of the Paper Sisters winning this battle would be 60/ 40.
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Considering one piece of paper can become a razor blade of death, and they are within a Library filled with books, with literally millions of pages of paper at their disposal...Ed and Al are in for a shitstorm. 
Michelle is smart (if having a bubbly personality) and she specializes in ranged attacks creating a bow and arrows with paper and can shoot dozens of projectiles at once. Maggie has the toughest defenses and she's most notable for creating Constructs with paper, like giant boars and beasts or things resembling moderately large mecha. And then there's Anita whose very offensive at throwing paper like shuriken and she's quite quick and agile, using her small form to great advantage. And not only do the Paper Sisters have an entire arsenal at their disposal here, but their very clothes are also made of Paper Products so their clothes can be used as weapons or armor.
And Yomiko Readman did join the sisters a bit later, Yomiko actually capable of warding off Fire and Water with paper. Stopping bullets is easy for them.
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Chicks who control paper vs Guys who can control paper and every other form of matter that surrounds them.....ummm  I wonder.
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Don't underestimate the sisters

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