The Lich vs. Aizen Sosuke

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"No I mean like taking a building and throwing it, now that's super human :P" Too much dragonball dude xD

"Not really, it just means most of the people the Lich met were really stupid and weak willed, and even Jake has a weaker will than Finn does" This has no proof, most of the criminals commited their crimes because of their will to commit crimes. It is obviously plot device bro. Even billy who was a greater hero than finn was controlled and ended up dead. Finn also easily gave up on flame princess, i doubt he has that strong of a will

"He can't make himself indestructible, he's been easily hurt and bruised even as a weapon or armor" That's like naruto throwing 40000000 tons episode, he was obviously not hurt by the impact of the crystal.

"Prismo was speaking in general about the evil criminals locked up there. For all you know it was just an evil criminal who made the ship that destroyed the planet since you obviously dont see it later on" Well my point still stands, even if someone made it, the one who made it wasn't stated to be the strongest criminals, therefore there are criminals that can destroy that ship.

"His dad was a regular human, hell he even needed Finn to save him after getting his leg blasted. The only reason he tricked Finn was because the boy was too busy trying to get him to accept him as a son." He lost his memories, how would he end up in the crystal citadel in the first place? You need to do a cosmic crime to go in there. And even The Lich, finn and jake did it illegally because prismo showed his weakness, what more would it take to do it legally?

"I don't trust wiki's, and it didn't show him getting blasted in the episode" There's nothing wrong in the wiki, there's no bs like the obd, i am too lazy to review the episode again, so let's say he didn't, there's still no indications that he is not immortal.

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@eddz99 said:


Multiversal threat, because even the multiversal prison, the crystal citadel which was stated to be impossible ( now nearly because of him ) to escape, was destroyed by him.

He freed ( and controlled ) the most wanted criminals of the multiverse which most of them had pure hax and one of them was shown to bust a planet with no effort.

He also beat the guardians of the multiverse which was considered the most powerful guardians.

In that case...

Thanos should be a better match.

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Aizen wins, I guess.

Just kidding, Lich wins with ease.

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