The Kages Become Targets

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The five (current) Kages become targets for assassination.

Their Assassins:

Fake Assassin - Fake Sasaki Kojirou

True Assassin - Hassan-i-Sabbah

Fourth Grail War Assassin - The Hundred Faced Hassan

Moon Cell Assassin - Li Shu Wen

Turifas Grail War Assassin - Jack The Ripper


- The Kages are taking care of their general duties in the Narutoverse, assume there is no war.

- Every character that is usually around the Kages is present.

- They are not aware that they are being targeted.

- Assassin's will ignore pride and go for the kill.

- They will work together more or less.

- Assassin's have some general info on the Kages and they have a general map of the Narutoverse.

- Their base is in the Akatsuki hideout.

So how does it go?

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Hate to see this go to waist so can I get some info on these assassins?

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@WhiteLion: As you wish:

All of them have Presence Concealment (except Fake Assassin) which means they are completely invisible and have nothing that gives their presence away until they actually make an attack.

Fake Assassin, has strikes and combat above mach 45 as Saber could barely see his sword strikes as a blur. He was bound to a gate and couldn't move away so we didn't see the full extent of his power. He lacks Presence Concealment and a Noble Phantasm but makes up for it with a skill that defies the laws of reality. His Tsubame Gaeshi creates three instant strikes from three sides which because of the angles makes it impossible for the target to dodge.

True Assassin, he can throw daggers at bullet speed and he can throw dozens of them at once form all different angles. He is supersonic+ with possible hypersonic reactions. He is immune to any kind of wind based attack. He is in possession of the Noble Phantasm Zabaniya Delusional Heartbeat, it creates a fake heart of the target made out of ether. Assassin can either crush the ether clump to destroy the targets heart or touch the person and exchange the fake with the real heart (in that case he will eat the real heart and gain the knowledge the person had).

Hundred Faced Hassan, Also fights with daggers in the same manner True Assassin does. His Noble Phantasm is Zabaniya Delusional Illusion, which allows him to split in up to 80+ bodies. He's also supersonic+.

Li Shu Wen, unlike the other Assassins he can maintain fight while in Presence Concealment making him invisible and unsensable for the whole fight. He is a god like martial artist and seems to have quiet some knowledge of pressure points and can stop the flow of energy of someone and that move nearly killed Nero Saber. His Noble Phantasm, No Second Strike... does exactly what it says.

Jack The Ripper, so far has little feats but given word of god and the material book we know some things. Is at least supersonic+ probably faster. Has Presence Concealment like all Assassins. She (yes it's a she) is skilled in surgery and has a skill which makes her enemies forget her face abilities and who she is when she disengages combat. Unlike the others she has two Noble Phantasm. First one is The Mist: Darkened Misty Metropolis, it's in form a lantern which releases mist representing the smog of London during the industrial revolution. It's very thick and it's impossible to see through it, and to get out you need to have instincts close to precog. It is also poisonous and just being in it makes breathing hard and burns your eyes, longer stay causes unconciousness and then death (Jack herself is not affected). The second and her trump card is Maria the Ripper: The Holy Mother of Dismemberment. A set of six knives which can be activated when three conditions are met:

1. It's night

2. It's misty (can do it with her other NP)

3. The target is female.

If they are activated under theses conditions the target's stomach will be turned inside out and they will die. When 1 or 2 conditions are not met it can still be activated but the effect will be less.

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Kage's lose, with the battle situation and everything. This is murder.

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@WhiteLion: How about i make them aware that they are being targeted?

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