The Justice League vs The Straw Hat Pirates

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The Straw Hats arrive to Metropolis after going through a warp hole through time and space.

After causing a big damage to the city, unintentionally, the Justice League decides to take down

the Straw hats, so they gather up a team to take them down.


Superman vs Monkey D. Luffy

The savage Hawk man vs Roronoa Zoro

The Flash vs Sanji

Wonder woman vs Nico Robin

Green Lantern (Hal Jordon) vs Brook

Cyborg vs Franky

the Martin Man Hunter vs Tony Tony Choper

Zatana vs Nami

Batman vs Usop

Location: Metropolis


- Morals are off in this fight

- The Straw Hat pirates are after the time skip

- The Justice League are from the new 52

Which team will win ?

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Mismatch of the century here...

Any single one from Justice League stomps...except maybe Hawkman loses.

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This is even more one sided than the Avengers vs Strawhats thread to be honest. EVERY League member except Cyborg maybe could solo with ease.
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Should have made it animated, but even then it would still be unfair.

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Due to the one sideness of this battle, this thread is getting locked down.

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