The Galactic Empire (Star Wars) vs. The Saiyans (DBZ)

Topic started by Imperator100 on March 9, 2013. Last post by Kuma_From_Argentina 2 years ago.
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@CerusSerenade: wrong. the latest movie is in fact canon. takes place within the Z continuity. look it up if you care enough

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goku in db solos star wars

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whoa now I think not.....

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@nishi99 said:

Nappa solos

lol! This..

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Its funny how saiyans have the power to tear planets apart, and yet they can't breathe in space. it seems almost silly.

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Actually both Broly and Vegeta have resisted and broken free of mind control. But Sideous might be a bit much. Of course Broly doing a galaxy bust (assuming he's even in this fight) would be a double k.o. anyway. Only Bardock and King Vegeta would be serious problems and they can be overcome.
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Nappa Solos he is too dumb for mind control..... LOL

Really a squad of 10-20 High Class Saiyans can utterly destroy the fleet, and if the Empire gets to the planet a couple of artificial moons would do the trick to destroy. AT-AT vs Ozarus...... epic battle

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