The Five Kage vs Itachi, Nagato, Obito

Topic started by Obito on March 6, 2013. Last post by nishi99 2 years ago.
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Edo Itachi and Edo Nagato.  
Five Kage: 
Mei Terumi 
Location ;  The battlefield where the war is taking place. 
The Kage have no morals. 
The Akatsuki has morals except for Obito. 
No prep.
Winning conditions ; Sealing or Death. 

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either obito or nagato summon the gedo mazo and destroy

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The top Akatsuki trio win. Seriously, the current kage contrary to their role are not the top shinobi. They are high tier but not top tier. If kage were judged by power alone, these 3 along with Sasuke and Naruto probably should be the 5 kage of the current generation.
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The Akatsuki big three easily win. They are all dangerous enough alone, together is just overkill.
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Interesting thread but Akatsuki win this fairly easily.

Edo Itachi and Edo Nagato could take them all out by themselves. After all Edo Nagato effectively nearly killed 9 tails chakra Naruto and B by himself with little effort.

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Akatsuki win really easily.

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