The Dovahkiin VS Jaime Lannister

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The Dovahkiin, from Skyrim


Jaime Lannister, from A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones.

They are in an open field, and both of them are at their strongest and bloodlusted. Jaime just threw the Dragonborn's son out a window, and the Dragonborn just killed Joffrey with his fire breath in retaliation.

They proceed to enter in mortal combat, what happens?

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The end.

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Agreed, but I think I may have made this a bit too one-sided. How about this; what if the dragon shouts and magic are not allowed? A purely physical fight with just swords, bows, and whatever other weapons.

I still lean towards the Dovahkiin in this fight, even with those restrictions. He can go toe-to-toe with dragons and giants after all, if properly equipped and leveled.

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I'd have to give this to the Dovahkiin too. He pretty much single handedly saved all of of Tamriel and in my game fought at least 50 dragons :D. He could also take on entire city guards.

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Lanister is weak what about Drogo or Ned

Pretty sure both at their prime could easily overpower him

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One dead Jaime coming up

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@Anzendenai said:

Lanister is weak what about Drogo or Ned

Pretty sure both at their prime could easily overpower him

In a purely physical fight, it depends. I mean you if level up the Dovahkiin enough and get him the right equipment; he can beat down Dragons and Deathlords with his fists, albeit with some good gauntlets. It depends on how you interpret it, but if we take gameplay feats into account then he probably beats them too. If it is a fight with just their bare fists, and nothing else, it could go either way.

If the Dovahkiin has his magic and shouts it wouldn't really be fair, so exclude them for those two fights.

Those fights would also be much more awesome than this one. Ned was an honorable man and had an epic beard, and Drogo was hardcore and treated his lady right; moral ambiguity and pillaging aside. Why couldn't Jaime have died instead of them?

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If i'm not mistaken The Dovahkiin can be everyone right? i mean does the lore say its a Nord or an Imperial? i know that in the trailer The Dovahkiin is an imperial...or Nord :) so if The Dovahkiin can be everybody than, Orc with Beserker Rage (Natural Abillity, not Magic) will wipe the floor with Lannister. The Dovahkiin also has a ton of more expierience, fighting Mages/Monsters/Dragons/Undead/Demons/Warriors on a daily basis, and the OP mentionions *at their best* so there are plenty of Armor that enhance Strenght/Stamina/Health, with Deadric Armor The Orc Beserker Dovahkiin becomes a engine of destruction.

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This isnt a Dovakhiin, it's the Dovahkiin. In the trailers and in the OP picture it's a Nord, which is also by default what you start the game as. Which means the Dovahkiin is intended to be Nord, although obviously you can change that.

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