The boycott has been revoked and the new guidelines are up!

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 We revoke the temporary boycott on Comic vs Anime threads by majority of vote and will lay down some new guidelines (or rather bans) to handle the kinds of threads that caused us to put a temporary boycott on the Comic vs Anime threads in the first place. so the following will be banned permanently.
  • Superman Family vs Goku at any level are banned only one thread may remain open,
    which is rather a thread about how you would think one or the other wins anyone trolling and flaming there will be banned
  • Godlike creatures of any media vs either a whole universe or just one character banned
  • Godlike creature vs Godlike creature threads banned
  • A whole Universe vs one of more character threads banned
  • Universe vs Universe threads banned 
What also is not allowed is battles that do not involve characters, this doesn't mean that its not allowed to post threads about weapons or objects of power. this is meant for those pointless threads like website vs website or cake vs hotdog or RPG characters vs RPG characters those threads which no one is interested in and don`t involve anything about anime.
And any other slight variations on these threads will also be locked. Also the threads previously locked by the boycott will stay locked, anyone wanting to unlock a thread can pm a moderator who will review the thread if its worthy of another chance, and he/she will unlock if its worthy of unlocking.  
Any one who starts making fun of another debater's opinion in order to ignore it will automatically lose the debate.
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