The Archangels runs a DBZ Gauntlet

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The Leviathan does not have such powers and can kill angels and archangels only with blows.

powers of The Archangels not work with dbz:

if not believe not my problem.

I enjoyed that a lot!!!

Just to see you, how Akira did dbz versus one to be strong, time travel does not work on dragon ball, it is not possible to change the future in dbz, goku killing even before birth, when returned for the future, goku were still there.

Example: Even trunks changing the past, he concluded that it created a parallel universe, and when he returned to the future the androids were still there.

Not is no surprise that dbz / dbgt give enough discussions in much forums, the DBU was a thought and done to tackle almost all types versus fiction, it is even used as reference to classify the power scaling of others versus.

Yes agree... also doesn't ki protect them from reality warping, time freeze, and magic?? and of course to tank hard physical damage... and yes time travel is useless in DB/Z/GT because just like you said with the example of Mirai Torankusu... he restored the past yet not his future.. also the same could be said about the other Torankusu that got killed on the other time line by Cell.

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@DBZ_universe: First and foremost the fact that they have resistance to warping reality, time freeze, and magic.

Not to say that he can fight against someone with Thanos Hotu, ig, living tribunal beings cosmics cube ... because the resistance of them has a limit, since their powers are not unlimited, so they can be defeated by being with infinite powers , but its evolving their powers, increase the resistenciam, to the point that needs to have a specific level of power to affect the z fighters, from planetary to the universal. Many say that Janemba is a reality warping low, the film showed that Janemba has done a distortion of reality to the universal level. Since heaven and hell, together, are the same size of the universe mortal, constituted of planets, galaxies ... Janemba could kill even goku was already dead, if this is not done in a reality warping enough, we have done Janemba distorting the rules of the cosmos and bringing the dead to life. Janemba also could not be killed because the world of spirits, the dead are immortal, even destroying them completely they return, and what was the solution used to gogeta vener to Janemba? Delete the existence of the same, same be Janemba omnipresent and immortal, it not made nothing, because gogeta surpassed the level of Janemba and nothing would advance his reality warping powers vs gogeta.

an example of reality warping in dbz / dbgt is Shenron who can fulfill any desire, since they do not exceed the power of the creator. Shenron can bring the dead to life, rebuild destroyed planets ... are examples of this reality warping in dbz, and still can not kill Shenron guys stronger than its creator. the only exception is ultimate Shenron, which can fulfill any desire. Even the rabbit that turned people into carrots was not able to turn goku in carrots. if you have not noticed in the video, goku moved even with the time freeze, similar the superman who broke the rules of time, through its speed, goku and coller did this by using ki Guldo also so that it was able to stop time. Another important thing, ki works similarly to the power cosmic, it is everywhere, not only in living beings, as in the atmosphere, stars, rocks ... as z fighters are ki handlers, they can circumvent the rules of physics, control already is another story.

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@valfranx: Yes you are right about all that, and also when Vegito resisting the candy beam, Gotenks making living ghosts... that is also bending reality... so yes the stronger you are the more you are unaffected by this abilities... (except with the beings such as LT, TOAA, Galactus w/ Infinite Gaunlet.. ect)

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