Thanos vs. Goku.

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Both at full power. Who wins?

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This has probably been done before and the answer is Goku gets obliterated. This is a mismatch.

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Thanos curb stomps >=D

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this is a terrible spite in Thanos favor.

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But why does Thanos win?

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@VG_Addict: well for one he is stronger then goku

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Thanos feats? Vegeta took a planet busting attack without overwhelming damage, and that was in the Saiyan Saga.

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Like showings of one's durability or speed or strength

Here is a feat of strength

Thanos Punching Captain Mar vell from Saturn to Earth.

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@CerberusPrime3k: dam this is so cool

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Port you across the galaxy for bothering him with this inane garbage
God Killing Dagger (in a universe with Actual Gods)  breaks on his bare skin. He's the Avatar of Death. So you're just F@*%^ed right there.
Nearly mind-raped Galactus
Knocked the Big G on his ass
Can Mindrape with a glare and drop you easily if he felt like it.
  Planets (actual planets, not just energy blasts) don't phase him.
  Tags and beats the crap out of FTL'ers regularly.
Physically stronger than pretty much everyone else in Marvel
Can kill with a touch.  And drive you insane.
Destroyed an entity that couldn't be affected by Cosmics like Eternity while juiced on Death's power.
Has shields that can withstand an assault from a being stated as possessing twice as much power as Galactus.
Fist fights with Thanos can destroy the planet, and still leave Thanos unscathed.
Silver Surfer can't even hurt him.
And this is just the start.
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This guy I'm arguing with says this as to why Goku can beat Thanos:

1) GT is canon.

2) Thanos may be smarter in general, but Goku is a "fighting genius." They ain't doing rocket science so fighting and all aspects thereof are all that matters.

3) Thanos can't die so obviously he can't lose and is why he survives against the likes of Odin and Silver Surfer. So if dirty tricks like "not dying" are okay, Goku can use his greatest weapon; the Dragon Balls. Yeah, Thanos just lost. Hell, he could just destroy the current dimension and Instant Transmission to safety. Oh, how about fusing with Vegeta, becoming untouchable?

Yeah. It's in your favor not to go against my proposed Rules of Fairness, because Goku has the edge 10/10. Goku wins either way bro.

Sorry for the multi-messaging, using PS3 browser ATM.

Anyway, as for The Silver Surfer (TSS), he isn't as fast as Goku, nor as powerful offensively or defensively...but I gotta say, he's damn close in most regards, and is far more versatile. Thing is, Goku can move instantaneously. You don't get faster, you can only match it. And TSS can't.

Power is in Goku's favor, since he's capable of, as I stated, capable of universal destruction. Defense is in his favor because he can TAKE universe-destroying levels of attack and survive. Hell, weak ass Vegito pushed through a universe-breaker with ONE. BARE. FIST.

TSS's perception could be dangerous though, as he may be able to see the future, how Goku will strike. Question is can he prevent what he sees? I doubt it.

I read from Marvel's site that he was cursed with the inability to die by Death. If he can die, generally being caught in a force powerful enough to destroy the universal several times over does the trick. If it doesn't, a volley of faster than light attacks of that calibur taken point blank range by an Instant Transmission does.

Tell me, what's the strongest attack he's taken and survived in a state he can fight in? Do try to significantly trump a barrage of max speed, several-fold universe-annihilating attacks. Do try.

Your thinking is linear and closed; you read too much into his use of that form. Goku didn't have to be SSj4, he simply needed an adult body.

Way back, even before Majin Buu appeared, Goku could EASILY fly and train with 100 tons on his body in SSj1. By time Goku lifted that city, he was on a completely different level, so a city, mathematically speaking, is not heavy for Goku.

You should try thinking outside the box when perceiving a character or his actions, just FYI.

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Sorry to double post, but could I have a list of Silver Surfer's feats, so I can put Thanos in perspective?

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@VG_Addict: WOW way to be a dbztard in that whole rant and your wrong also give thanos the IG so he curb stomp even harder >=)

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No, I SAID that was what the guy I'm arguing with said, NOT me.

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Unbelievable thread. The result is obvious. I'd call it spite. Just to make it clear Thanos destroys Goku.
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Thanos is one of the most severely over powered comic book characters of all time, with the infinity gauntlet he destroyed half of the entire universe. Without it, he was still strong enough to destroy planets with nothing but brute force. IMO, that's way more impressive than using ki based attacks to do so.

EDIT: I spelled severely wrong.

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Thanos has Mind-rape abilities, Transmutation, Dimension dump, and Energy siphon. Any of which he could use to easily defeat Goku with.

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Let me say this; No one cares what someone else, on some other Forum or site, thinks about Goku in a fight with Thanos.
If that's what they think, then that's what they and their limited, childish mind thinks. You don't need to bring their stupidity here to show them up. If that 'friend' or whoever wants to try and do such a match here, let them do it and be laughed at for it. And if you need explanations on who the Surfer is to put "Thanos in perspective" then you're working off of ZERO knowledge about the characters yourself. That doesn't help things.
Just looking at a Wiki page would make things clear on the subject. Or use the Search Engine to look up Similar matches. It's been done before.
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Thanos mindrapes Goku while humming Living la Vida Loca....

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