Tetsuo vs Piccolo

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Both full powered
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well tetsuo's full power is hard to understand and is not definitive at the end of Akira, some have speculated he is God, but we really can't tell for sure.
what we do know of tetsuo is he was hurt by kaneda's laser gun. Piccollo has far more destructive power, and the speed to win here.
                Here he is destroying the moon at the beginning of dbz, before he fused with nail, before he fused with kami. He is exponentially more powerful at full power.

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I'd say it's pretty easy to say that neither would win in the end. Tetsuo at full power would simply absorb everything around him. At that point, it's basically impossible for anyone to stop him except for Akira and the numbers. If Piccolo tried to attack him, that would only anger him and his power would continue to grow and he might accidentally destroy the planet.
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Tetsuo would defeat Piccolo from Sayan Saga. Namek Saga Piccolo or Cell Saga Piccolo easly defeat Testuo.
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Piccolo wins
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