tersa vs ichigo

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ichigo cant fly 
EDIT: this ichigo is from when he first learned his bankai
            also ichigo has yoma energy
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@FLCL1: great you took the only advanatge bleach have over claymores.....
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Where in the bleach timeline is Ichigo? I mean, if its a simple "he can only Ban-Kai for minutes" Ichigo then she's good to go, though by these days he can probably go vizzard for like, a couple hours : (.
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Dont you mean Teresa? Teresa of the faint smile is strong, but I have seen no evidence that she is fast enough to keep up with even his bankai, not to mention his various states of hollowfication
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well lately ichigo has reached new heights  when it come to being a vizard and adding his blind physical speed. .....buuut on the other hand she never used her powers in a fight,( not saying she will in this fight)....but all in all knowing ichigo , he'll go all out when he realizes shes no joke then shes dont for. 
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edit sorry i didnt have time 
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