Teresa vs Awakened Priscilla

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I don't know. Sure Teresa won against an almost Awakened Priscilla with just 10% of her Yoki but it was stated, at least in the anime, that when Priscilla awakened, she unlocked new powers and abilities. I am going to give this to Teresa but I don't know if it is going to be that easy.

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She only unlocked her massively enhanced regen and flight, she pretty much was stretching her hands during the fight with teresa, and she already had the brute strength and massive yyoki, awakening is a steady increase in power to your full power, so she just added 20% more speed and power, and would stll have been owned, Teresa already beat two abyssal class fight, the abyssal rosemary, and hysteria while at her limit, which would probably be around 70-80% too, plus priscilla makes three, he did all this without exceeding 10% that is some feat. Did u see Rosemary's reaction to teresa's 10% yoki, she was shitting her pants and she was an abyss level too.

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If Teresa is awakened then she can win.

As it is right now Teresa with 10% yoki is way below current Priscilla.

Priscilla is not even trying in 80% of her fights, that's why you see her taking hits from people.(except symbioite Riful who is atleast onpar with her)

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@katanalauncher: Lol you kinda don't know what awaking is then.

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@fehafare, i agree with you, the power increase from increasing their yoki should be uniform, at 80% of her power Irene said Teresa 10% was FAR BEYOND her yoki level. What do you think that means, an abyssal riful sees priscilla 100% and is scared and angry, an abyssal rosemary sees 10% Teresa's power and is shitting her self. Did you see how easily teresa tore off rosemary's awakened hand at her base level, rosemary didn't even notice until teresa asks her if awakening take away her sense of pain, meaning what priscilla does to abyssal ones awakened, she can do to them at base level without a claymore. Hysteria recognized as one of the strongest ever no 1 was beaten by teresa who had just emerged as a trainee. Haven't you noticed that teresa is classified as one of the strongest claymores ever by the organization but yet they never saw her yoki release, meaning the organization only ever saw base level, and given what base level did to rosemary, they never even new the true power of base level.

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@Tballack: Dude i'm all for Teresa in this match. My comment was directed to the Priscilla uses only 80% yoki... when you awaken you are already at 100% we can only speculate that Pris is holding back and there is no proof for that, which mean her current showings are her peak of power until we don't see more. And she's not way stronger than 10% Teresa. The only power-up Pris got from the time Teresa owned her to current is the 20% more yoki she is using. While i would agree that Teresa will need more than 10%, saying that she would have to go anywhere beyond 50% is laughable.

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i agree, logically we can say 10T= 80P , 80/10=8, T=8P. 100P/8P= 12.5. Teresa needs logically 12.5% to be just about beat priscilla, but this only works if we assume the increae for Teresa and Priscilla is the same when they release yoki, which is wrong, 10% completely overwhemled priscilla so i'll say her increase from 0-10% is much greater than priscilla's increase from 79-100%. (Increase in stats by yoki release can only be uniform per individual, and not in general.)

Look at these scans

Those scans tell me that 10% teresa is enough to finish off awakened priscilla, but i could concede that it could take a little more like 11 at the very most the 12.5% i calculated.

Since priscilla at the moment could go a long way to soloing the verse, i'd say 30% Facial distortion teresa solos the verse.

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Vindicated, lol. Teresa STOMPED priscilla. but priscilla was hella strong O_O, she just didn't wanna go down.

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@Tballack said:

Vindicated, lol. Teresa STOMPED priscilla.

Lol. That she did.

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She was BEAST last couple of chapters, i remember abysal ones where said to be massively hypersonic, and priscilla kept increasing speed till the point of disappearing off panel, and she was still tagged. Wonder how fast they were moving

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That was one heck of a finishing move, basically disintegrated priscilla.

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yhup, she basically atomized her.

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Not even Priscilla deserves this rape

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teresa needs a new opponent.

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@othus12 said:

teresa needs a new opponent.


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