Tengu Buranchi vs Fate

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Battle takes place in Cooking Stadium

Fate from UQ Holder

Cooking Festival Buranchi

start 20 meters apart

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You know guys... this would be a REALLY good matchup if people would debate here DX lol I guess that's the popularity of an HST potential vs a washout manga :/

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I see too many folks bumping their topics too early. It's only 2 hours since you created the topic. If you want folks, use The Battle Callout Phonebook ☎ AnimeVice Edition then.


It's 10 PM/1AM on the Pacific Coast/East Coast. Anime Vice is sleepy at night.

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Lol. Sorry that was funny. I assume this guy is like the New Negi Springfield or something like that?
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@takashichea: Lol sorry, the reason I said that is because I had a battle between Buranchi and Negi that no one even touched :/

@taichokage: Actually Fate is from the original series, he was once Negi's rival but apparently they became best friends, then now he's in charge of some organization opposing Evangaline's immortals. The new main character happens to be Negi's grandson :P

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Unless Buranchi can guard against Fates petrifying magic he loses quite easily his magic is very op in the manga

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@Falbium_Asmodeus: Judging from his fight with Evangeline recently, I think it only works if he touches the person he's fighting.

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@Jinbeifan1: Correct all he needs to do is touch a person with his hand or energy to petrify them

(Evil Eye of Petrification) A spell used by Fate Averruncus. One that that emits a concentrated beam of light from the fingertips, causing petrifaction at anything it touches, and to the desired subject. Recently, he has demonstrated to be able to release the beam from his eyes as well. Perhaps unsurprising, a high-level spell that is invoked in Ancient Greek

(Breath of Stone) A spell used by Fate Averruncus to petrify Negi as he was summoning Setsuna and Asuna to his location. The attack barely grazed him, but its effect spread throughout his body until Konoka was able to counteract the spell. Although the spell is not meant to kill, in Negi's case he would have suffocated to death when his neck petrified. Due to his powerful bloodline giving him an extremely high level of magic resistance, the spell worked much slower then intended, and would have cut off the oxygen that his head and left side still needed.

this is why I say buranchi will loose all he needs to do is just nick you with one of these attacks and your petrified that's why negi, evangeline even jack had a really hard time against him in the manga

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@Falbium_Asmodeus: Both would most likely be effective against Buranchi, I admit that. But could he get either of those while Tengu is attacking with his lightning? Not to mention Buranchi is just as fast as Negi was, being able to move at lightning speed. His lightning is also capable of turning people to ash, and so I'm curious to see if Fate could tank such a powerful amount of electricity.

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@Jinbeifan1: Like you just said said he is as fast as negi and fate was still beating him negi didn't get the upper hand until all his friends showed up to help him he would of lost without them, also fates barriers are nothing to smirk at this is also why negi had such a hard time against him

Ultimate Defense- In chapter 227, Negi had notice that Fate is surrounded by a mandala-like magical barrier that protects him from all angles

he also has this

  • Tearing Earth - A high-ranking western spell in Ancient Greek of the highest tier and most likely the strongest in the Earth/Stone series, which calls forth a stream of lava, molten rock, from the caster's hand to attack. Given that its spell structure is the same as Thousand Thunderbolts, Blazing Heat in the Sky and End of the World, as well as calling upon the same level of spirit power (The elemental King), it is arguably the same level of power, and the strongest Earth/Stone attack spell revealed so far. This is reinforced by the fact that Negi, when confronted by Fate at short range with this spell has to counter with the most powerful of the Lightning series, Thousand Thunderbolts.

and Ring of Black Stakes Piercing All Creation (Banshou Tsuranuku Kokkui No Enkan

his other skills are

(Pillars of Hades) An attack spell which summons large-volume stone pillars; a high-level mage can control these pillars through psychokinesis. While summoned by magic, the pillar itself cannot be defended against via anti-magic shields. However, the mass of the pillar means that it is almost impossible to deflect with anti-physical shields.

(Spear of Stone) This spell was used by Fate Averruncus, with the intent to fatally stab Evangeline through the chest following her defeat of Ryômon Sukuna no Kami. However, he did not know of her identity at the time, or that she was a vampire, and so Evangeline survived the attack. The phrase Τό τεῖχος διερξάσθω is meant to counteract magical barriers, such as the ones mages will use to shield themselves with. Ordinarily, the spell "Spear of Stone" causes sharp stone spikes to appear, attacking the target. But for Fate Averruncus, his variation of this spell was added with spell-breaking properties to penetrate a Magi's magical barrier. However, the barrier of a powerful Magi is often complex and multi-layered, and because of this, the Magi would need to cancel their barrier before casting spells of their own. But for safety reasons would render that impossible. But in Fate Averruncus' case, a cancellation spell was invoked ahead of time. Simply put, the spell he used against Evangeline during their first encounter consisted of: a cancellation spell (to drop his barrier for an instant), + gate (teleportation via "gates" to close in direct at the target), the attack spell (Spear of Stone), + delay spell. All which are deployed simultaneously during the attack. A feat such as this would require the level of a highly skilled Magi.

Earth Element Magic- Fate is a specialist of magic of the earth element. A part of his physical abilities comes from his affinity for earth magic. Throughout the series thus far he constantly shows his skill for earth magic which very few can deal with. Using petrification spells, and steel and stone techniques to crush his enemies, and form weapons which can pierce and cut through nearly anything, fast sand attacks and even lava based attacks. He has such skill that he is capable of using the most powerful earth incantation spell.

Hand to Hand Combat- as noticed by Negi, Fate is rather skilled in Ba Gua Zhang, a Chinese martial art. In chapter 316 Quintum states that since Fate is of the "earth" element, he has the most physical strength of the four Averruncus's. Fate has enough strength and ability to stop and hold Negi's ensis exsequens which is suppose to be extremely sharp and able to cut through anything and causes extreme cold. However Negi's ensis exsequens has been said to be imperfect and thus weaker than a fully mastered one.

Skilled Swordsman- Fate has shown great skill with swords and various blades. He is skilled enough to battle on par with Negi in a contest of close range sword battle with Negi using his ensis exsequens and Fate using his stone sword.

Thousand Obsidian Swords

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You should know by now we have a small community. Just keep commenting and making battle threads and cast a wide net. Not every battle thread will get comments. Just be patient. Also, keep track of the time. Most of the users are in the states while are some are outside of the states. You're better off making battle threads during the day time.

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@Falbium_Asmodeus: While true, I doubt Negi's electricity matches Buranchi's. Remember, he was turning a guy to ash who was on level with possibly the Four Heavenly Kings, and they're all continent level + at the time. Also, Buranchi could match his attack with a series of his own electric lashing

And while I'm sure that bladed attack is powerful and could even possibly hit Buranchi if he made a mistake, do they petrify on contact? And while impressive, his barriers didn't hold well up against five hundred tons of force in the recent chapter, making me believe a single bolt of lightning from Buranchi would do damage to it at least

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@Jinbeifan1: I believe his swords can if he channels his magic into it also you should not look to much into tota breaking fates barrier, fate was not taking him seriously at all and just treating him like a kid I highly doubt fate had used his full barrier strength against tota if he did tota would have ricocheted off his barrier if I remember correctly fate you could say has an auto barrier like for his normal use but he can also strengthen it greatly if he needs to

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Here is some trivia on jack rakan one of negimas strongest fighters this guy could pretty much solo the hst and he is not as strong as fate and lost pretty badly to him

  • Rakan is known for his (undefeated) record of single-handedly defeating: 137 ships (including 1 super dreadnought, 3 airborne motherships, and 13 cruisers), 9 divine soldiers at once, and at least one being on par with a high daylight walker like Evangeline: an ancient dragon.
  • Rakan also displayed how great his strength is by destroying a magical dimension with sheer will power. Chisame states that: "He is so broken, that it isn't even funny anymore." Giving an idea of how strong the other members are, with Rakan still being on par with Nagi.
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@Falbium_Asmodeus: I see, but you should also remember this about characters in Negima: For the most part, they're highest DC is only Mountain level +, even Jack Rakan wasn't able to break island level along with Fate and Negi. Buranchi is considered on par with someone like Zebra, who could obliterate Cooking Island if he wanted to, which is a total of 18,000 sq kms. Basically the size of New Jersey, although a bit bigger. Buranchi isn't as strong as Zebra of course, but he's fighting people that are around that level. As for the barrier it would most likely pose a problem for a time, but his stronger attacks like his lightning sword or his secret technique could possibly break it. Once it's broken, it seems to need time to recharge again.

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Here is a link for feats of fate the images are gone since the site has been shutdown but he expalins what they are


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Wow that guy looks identical to Kyousuke from Zettai Children.
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