Tenchi-Muyo battle royale

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The Tenchi-Muyo battle royal.



1: A win is classified as a KO or kill, no BFR (battlefield removal)

2: No outside help from others in any of the fights.

3: All fighters are able to breath in space for these fights.

4: All fights are presumed as a random encounter, unless specified otherwise.



Vegeta vs. Z


Round 1, location: Namek. Z finds SSJ1 Vegeta and challenges him to a fight.

Round 2, location: Earth. Z comes to earth and is challenged by ascended level Vegeta.

Round 3. location: in orbit around Jupiter. Z is confronted by Majin Vegeta, both are blood lusted.


Evil Danny Phantom (future Danny) vs. Ryoko


Round 1, location: Downtown Tokyo.

Round 2, location: Ghost zone.

Round 3, location: A corn field in Kansas.


Dr. Doom vs. Kagato


Round 1, location: Latveria. Kagato comes to Doom’s castle and challenges him.

Round 2, location, Kagato’s ship (each has 2 days of prep) Doom comes to Kagato’s ship with the intent of taking it for himself.

Round 3, location: New York city.


Jar-Jar binks vs. Mihoshi


This is not at actual fight, but a competition to see who can cause the most collateral damage.

Round 1, location: Death Star.

Round 2, location, GXP HQ.

Round 3, location: Washu’s lab


Thanos (no infinity gauntlet)  vs. Washu (human form only)


Round 1, location: Tokyo. Thanos comes to earth and Washu tries to stop him.

Round 2, location: Washu’s lab. Thanos is transported to Washu’s lab and she tries to defeat the mad titan.

Round 3, location: the Moon (both have 2 days prep)





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@Metatora said:

Vegeta vs. Z
Evil Danny Phantom (future Danny) vs. Ryoko
Dr. Doom vs. Kagato

Jar-Jar binks vs. Mihoshi

Thanos (no infinity gauntlet)  vs. Washu (human form only)

Z > Vegeta
Ryoko > Evil Danny Phantom
Dr.Doom vs Kagato ??? Dont know enough about both.

Jar-Jar binks vs. Mihoshi ??? Dont know enough about both. 

Thanos (no infinity gauntlet)  vs. Washu (human form only)  ??? Dont know enough about both.  Tempted to say Washu.

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Tenchi stomps in all fights, Z would solo DBZ by himself so just against Vegeta is a mega stomp even without LHW, Washu solos this as well.
Post by Dream (9,138 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Z vs Vegeta- Z uses LHW to hack Vegita out of existence for all three scenarios.
Evil Danny Phantom vs Ryoko- Considering Danny gains Vlad's powers as a result of the fusion of both their ghost halves, I see Ryoko having enough trouble landing attacks if Evil Danny chooses to go intangible and getting walloped by any of his abilities. Use of the doppelgangers from Danny would be hazardous for Ryoko in this battle.
Dr. Doom vs Kagato- Doom's best bet for this battle is to try KOing Kagato as he will lack the capability of killing him with Kagato's regeneration kicking in. At Doom's Castle, Kagato will be at a major disadvantage with Doom having all of his arsenal at the ready which has been shown to be diverse enough to handle beings with a diverse number of different powers. On Kagato's ship, advantage goes to Kagato as he can use the power of his ship's gems to control nearly any source of power that comes into contact with his ship using it to weaken his foes and further amplify his own power. In New York, edge goes to Kagato as Doom wouldn't have any means to easily subdue Kagato.
Jar-Jar Binks vs Mihoshi- Mihoshi easily in all three scenarios. Not only does she have clumsiness, but also the power to manipulate causality which greatly raises the amount of destruction her random actions can cause.
Washu vs Thanos- Thanos easily. Washu in human form won't be able to overcome the Mad Titan on just smarts alone in all scenarios.
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Are we talking Washu in omni form or regular human scientist Washu?
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@Kurohige:  Tenchi isn't in any of these fights. 
And this is human form Washu, not her Choushin form. 
Post by Kurohige (3,858 posts) See mini bio Level 19
I meant Tenchi as in Team Tenchi hence why I did not mention the character, and Washu would get her a$$ kicked because in human form she can't really do anytihng in battle herself other than aid others.
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Ah, I get it now. A simple mis-communication.
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