Team Urameshi vs Wudai Warriors

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I'm pretty sure everyone knows who Team Urameshi is, but for those who don't, they are characters from Yu Yu Hakusho. Team Urameshi consists of Yusuke, Hiei, Kuwabara, and Kurama. They all have standard equipment and are willing to kill the Wudai Warriors. Hiei can use his Jagan. The Wudai Warriors are the main four characters from the show Xiaolin Showdown. These characters are Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko, and Clay They can enter their Wudai Orion forms at will without need for formation. Omi has his Kaijin Charm and Shimo Staff, Raimundo has his Crest of the Condor and Blade of the Nebula, Kimiko has her Cat's Eye Draco and Arrow Sparrow, and Clay has his Longhorn Taurus and Big Bang Meteorang. The fight takes place on a mountain by a river. Which team walks away from this?

NOTE: All Yu Yu Hakusho characters are in their Spirit Detective saga incarnations.

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@SMXLR8 said:

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I give it to the wudai warriors because I want to~

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That team solos the whole Xiaolin Showdown universe.

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@GIRUGAMESH: Oh, shoot! I forgot to mention that each of the characters are at their Spirit Detective saga power levels. I'll edit the first post now.

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