Team Naruto vs Unified Team

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Wanna see where ppl rank the strength of Naruto's top tier characters now.

Team Naruto:

1) Edo Tensei Madara

2) Juubi (assume completely under Madara's control)

3) Tobi

4) Edo Tensei 1st Hokage (assume he has all his moves he had when living, plus Edo Tensai obv.)

5) Edo Tensei 4th Hokage

6) Edo Tensei 3rd Raikage

7) Edo Tensei Mu

8) KM Naruto

9) Edo Tensei Itachi

10) Edo Tensei Nagato

11) Dragon Sage Mode Kabuto


Unified Team:

1) Alucard (hellsing) (Unleashed at the time of final battle with Anderson)

2) Priscilla (claymore)

3) Teresa (claymore)

4) Kenshiro (FOTNS, eos)

5) Yusuke (YYHS, eos)

6) Hiei (YYHS, eos)

7) Nagi Souichiro (TT, eos)

8) Inuyasha (eos, inuyasha)

9) Misaka Mikoto (To Aru)

10) Ginji Amano (Getbackers)

11) Alita (BAA)

Unified Team is pretty jacked, but keep in mind edo's can't be killed by convectional means. Both teams get 1 week of prep/coordination training, however neither team knows about the other. Fight at Cell Games and surrounding rocky area, starting distance 250 metres.

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All I have to say is a lot of them are getting blitzed or worse.....

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so now you are back

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Minato is the key factor here with his flying god technique. With a weeks prep he could place the seals needed all over the battlefield and on his team mates. Come the start of the fight he could simply teleport himself and Itachi around the battlefield, and with Itachi's susannoo and unlimited chakra that's a pretty hard combo to beat.

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@SMXLR8: I think the only one that completely obliterates team Naruto in speed is Ginji. The claymore and YHS characters may have a moderate advantage in speed as well. Without Ginji I'd have no problem saying team Naruto wins 7-8/10, with Ginji's speed and hax team Naruto needs to make excellent use of there firepower and prep time to stand a chance, which I think they still do.

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Team 2

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But how would Team 2 counter someone like Mu? I can see Mu taking out the whole team 1 by 1 since Dust Release cannot be survived by anyone on Team 2, and that Mu has his invisibility and no-chakra along.

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