team naruto vs team naruto

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Team Fairy Tail
Gerard Fernandes
Makarov Dreher
Erza Knightwalker

The Kage SUmmit

and the akatsuki

they fight each group one by one.

which groups would they beat?

naruto cant turn 9 tails

speed equal
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This isn't team Naruto Vs team Naruto

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@Destinyheroknight:didnt meant to type that lol

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It depends if akatsuki has pain and madara and itachi then team 2 if they don't then gildarts solos.

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Fairy Tail. Gildarts can crush anything, tangible or intangible. Makarov can use Fairy Law and was holding off Acnologia who destroyed an island with ease. Hades has limited reality warping powers, such as bringing life to inanimate objects.

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no matter, yata no kagami can deflect any attacks, the tsuchikage can destroy even your particles... and fairy law takes quite a lot of time to charge while the tuschikage can do 1 hit attacks almost like spam. pein nuff said he can shinra tensei and chibaku tensei which are town level with ease. kabuto works along the akatsuki so if he is included then it becomes a stomp for the naruto team because of madara and the former raikage. pein can revive anyone that dies in the battle and with setsu you have an army of naruto have the sufficient power to overwhelm the fairy team.

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@othus12: No, they don't. In terms of sheer power Fairy Tail outclass the Naruto characters (with the exception of Deidara). All they need to do is have Laxus or Makarov cast fairy law and it's over. It only takes a few seconds to charge and would wipe out their entire team, and with Bluenote they could easily hold off the Naruto team via gravity manipulation. With speed equalized, team Fairy Tail wins.

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@othus12: @othus12: it cannot deflect any attack

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Gildarts punched Bluenote so hard he sent him stratospheric and casually threw Natsu into the ceiling.

Bluenote would just push everyone against the ground, except for maybe the strongest members who would barely be able to move.

Fairy Law takes seconds to use but Makaraov likes to count to 3 to give his opponent a chance to repent.

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