Team Naruto vs Team Hellsing

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-All power ups are accessible

-In character, no knowledge


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Currently siding with Naruto
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Is this just the ones in the picture? Hellsing wtfstomps.
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@MisterShin said:

Currently siding with Naruto

agreed. with their devastating jutsus and thier ability to seal at least two of hellsings competitors away while bypassing their healing factors, I gotta side with team naruto on this one

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Hellsing Team is pretty hardcore, they have much more durability than the Naruto Team, and they even regenerate. Depending on which Naruto and Kakashi are participating this could go either way. Current Naruto and Mangekyo Kakashi are pretty hardcore as well, Minato is fast as hell, and Sarutobi haves a lot of firepower, so does Jiraiya. In other conditions I'll side with Naruto Team if the characters are at their top shape, but if Naruto is base shippuden level, Hellsing team haves greater chances.

But using the conditions listed above, Hellsing team haves some edge since Minato and Sarutobi doesnt know that they need to seal their opponents, and they dont know that they are almost inmortals. And if they are in character the guys from Hellsing are ruthless killers while Naruto guys have to get pretty pissed off to kill (At least Naruto needs to be pretty damn angry to use his full power)

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Hellsing stomps

Nearly everyone on their side is mach one speed.

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The physical advantages and the special abilities of Hellsing characters grant them the win above raw destructive capacity and sealing. Without bringing Schrodinger Alucard into play, the Hellsing characters are too fast for all but Naruto (given that he's in Rikudou Mode or higher Kyuubi forms) and Minato to keep up with. I'm pretty sure that The Captain will just blitz Kakashi and Jiraiya and kick their heads off. Alexander Anderson will take care of Sarutobi (he's not reacting to those bayonets nor is Enma) and Sarutobi either won't pull off a soul seal given that they're in character and will still get killed should he try. Alucard can keep father and son as busy as he wishes and outlast both of them, but eventually he'll kill Minato first. Pre-Level 0 Alucard can't be defeated by anyone other than Kakashi (assuming that his Kamui really does send others into another dimension, as the term "dimension" in Naruto is questioned when Kakashi used Kamui on Deidara's arm and the arm was still in the same plane as everyone and everything else as well as relatively nearby given that Deidara reached it shortly after Zetsu and Tobi found it lying on the ground). I believe it was only shown that Minato's space-time barrier warping keeps whatever entered it relatively nearby in the same plane. As for Naruto, Alucard either secures the win by hypnotism followed by blasting Jackal + Casull bullets as Naruto is picking himself away or telekinesis.
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I think this maybe be very tough .

Team Naruto as the speed advantage with Minato being hyper-sonic and said several times to be the fastest in his universe through his technique of the Flying Thunder God .Naruto being implied to be as fast makes him the second hyper-sonic of the team in his Chakra mode. Jiraiya kee ping up with Pain should put him in the supersonic range at lowest.

Hellsing has Anderson who sliced Alucard's arm off before he could of reacted when the later could react to a Mach 2.8 bullet.The Captain kept up with Seras.Who dodges bullets after they were fired .Alucard is basically the one who "fathered " Seras.The whole team is supersonic

Speed goes to Naruto

Naruto fires the Rasenshuriken which causes city-block level damage,the tailed beast bomb(if the Kyuubi decides to obey him).Kamui,the seals of Minato and Sarutobi bypass the durability of the team.

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naruto team wins
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