Team Lupin III vs Team Bebop

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Lupin's Team:

Lupin the III




Team Bebop:


Jet Black

Faye Valentine



Their ship sucked into the past, the Bebop crew find themselves stranded. With their ship out of comission, and out of resources, and money to fix it. To collect money, the Bebop crew go bounty hunting. Finding Lupin III and gang to be at the top of the list.


Winner by death, capture.

Bebop team needs to take Lupin alive.

No futuristic weapons, or items are allowed in battle. (Only Jet's arm.)

Zenigata is after both teams, along with several police officers.

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Goemon kills every member of the Bebop, he cutted down lighting for god sake, he averted the Missile Crisis of Cuba cutting missiles with a katana while standing on a plane. I can see Lupin outsmarting Spike, Jet and Faye. I can see Jigen Killing them in one gunfight, alone with only six bullets

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A number of the characters among Team Lupin have superhuman feats and are legitimate bullet-timers while Team Bebop is peak human at most. Team Lupin owns Team Bebop.
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