Team Final fantasy 7 enter the Dark Tournament(YYH)!

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Basically, lets substitute Team Urameshi for Team
Final Fantasy 7. This includes AC Sephiroth, AC Cloud, Zack Fair ,and Genesis.
All characters gain access to their material as well as summons.

The matches will be--

Match 1: Zack Fair vs Karasu

Match 2: Genesis vs Bui

Match 3: AC Cloud vs Elder Toguro

Match 4: AC Sephiroth vs Younger Toguro


Younger Toguro starts off at 80%.

Bonus scenario: Just for kicks.
Instead of Team FF7 facing off against team Toguro, they fight Team

1.Zack Fair VS  Kurama

2. Genesis VS  Kuwabara

3. Hiei VS  AC Cloud

4. AC Sephiroth VS  Yusuke.

: Full
for both sides

RestrictionsNO Soul Sucking from

State of mind: IC, but to kill.

How would Team FF7 fare in
the Dark Tournament?
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Okay first off if they were to but in as you say they'll all be disqualified. This is a 1 on 1 tournament not 1 on 5, and secondly this is a stomp for FF7 did you forget Sephiroth is a planet buster.
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