Tatsumi Oga(Beelzebub) vs Kenichi Shirahama(HSDK)

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Who wins and why? No Flaming, no 1 liners that don't help the debate( Ex: "Oga wins") I honestly think this would be a good battle given Kenichi's very vast skill set and slight speed advantage, but I do realize Oga is definitely above Kenichi when it comes to strength durability ect. I would like to know who Oga would match up more well against on the HSDK spectrum if Kenichi is to weak to be considered a worthy opponent for Oga.

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does oga have his contractor techniques? because if he does i would rather use one of kenichi's masters.

but if kenichi is protecting someone it might be a good fight.

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No Contractor techniques I meant to that in OP and forgot lol, Oga gets No Contractor Techniques and No Black Techs. I started to use one of the masters but I didn't want to make it unintentionally one sided.

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Oga is still too strong he has all that demonic energy thanks to Baby Beel. So Oga stomps.

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