Superman vs Vegeta and Goku both at SS level.

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Who wins?
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Oh God Somebody Lock!!
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@Sonata: more running less talking
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This is not even a fair battle. Superman wins for the following reasons. 
1. Strength: Superman outclasses both Goku and Vegeta in terms of physical strength. Goku at base form had incredible difficulty moving with 40 tons of weight on his body however when he transformed into a Super Saiyan he was moving perfectly fine, and since the Super Saiyan form multiplies the user's power by 50, Goku as a Super Saiyan should be able to move with 2000 tons of weight on his body without any more weight as it would be impossible for him and since Vegeta is at least the same strength level of slightly lower than Goku he would be somewhere in the 1000+  ton area or at 2000 tons. Superman however can lift billions of tons with no known upper strength limit and has lifted over trillions of tons and hiss strength feats include moving entire single planets and shattering entire moons and planets with the sheer force of a single blow. 
2. Speed: If Goku has Instant Transmission in this battle then he should be moving at roughly 186,000 miles per second ergo he would be moving at the speed of light and no other character can move at light speed without Instant Transmission. Goku stated it himself when first demonstrating Instant Transmission as he said "You dematerialize into a mass of light and move at light speed", now some may argue that Goku has travelled to entire Galaxies in less than a thousand years (the time light would require to reach the nearest galaxy to the Milky Way) as he has done however DBZ has an immense level of inconsistency and it is best to agree to what has been stated. Superman on the other hand has been shown flying to the Sun and back to Earth in mere seconds and has flown over many times the speed of light, now some may argue that DBZ characters have light reflexes because they seemingly dodge attacks that cannot be seen by the human eye and times nearly seem invisible when dodging, Superman has done this as well, Batman swung for a punch and less than a second later Superman was already behind him. Superman has had countless races with The Flash and has given him a very hard time and it should be considered that Superman can fly at least at 500 times the speed of light as he has given immense trouble in races to The Flash who has ran over 500 times the speed of light. It should be known that there is no upper limit to Superman's speed.
3. Durability: Goku in base form has been seen surviving being dumped in lava and Vegeta's durability is not as great as Goku's given the fact that even when the two were no more than Super Saiyans, Goku has shown more durability lasting much longer during fights. Now Super Saiyan Goku barely survived a simple planet explosion and was at a near-death point while Superman has flown through the Sun (even into to its core) and emerged unharmed and unscathed and byfar his greatest feat of durability has been withstanding a Supernova explosion (a star exploding) at blank point range sustaining no physical damage and maintained consciousness. A Supernova explosion is enough to destroy several Solar Systems within the proximity of the explosion and before users claim that both Goku and Vegeta can discharge more energy blasts with more power and energy, they are sadly mistaken as a being like Galactus in a weakened state is still one of the most powerful beings in The Marvel Universe and in that state he has the power of a closeted Protostar which isn't even enough to destroy countless Solar Systems, now a fully fed and powered Galactus has enough power to destroy several Solar Systems with a single energy blast, now if one actually said Goku and Vegeta can create more energy than that they would be claiming that both Goku and Vegeta surpass Galactus in power which is utter nonsense. Superman's body is also composed of a super-dense molecular structure which is what grants him his great durability.
4. FIghting Skill: Superman is completely outclassed in terms of fighting skill a against Goku and Vegeta however their fighting skill will not be enough to harm Superman as their attacks will need to be supported by their physical strength which isn't enough to harm Superman who has easily withstood more than 2000 tons of physical force without sustaining damage. 
5. Energy Manipulation: Goku and Vegeta are master energy manipulators but even their power isn't sufficient to harm Superman who has withstood far more energy than they can project, he has withstood an entire Supernova explosion of an extremely large star at blank point range without sustaining any physical damage and he has withstood energy blasts from more powerful energy manipulators such as Captain Marvel (and at the time was using mystical energy e.g magic) and Infinity Man. Contrary to popular belief Superman is not vulnerable to magic, he is simply weakened by it, he has very good resistance to it and has resisted matter transmution with the use of magical energy.
6. Stamina: Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan forms are able to engage in intense physical activity for several days before the production of fatigue poisons begins and impales their blood circulation ergo tiring and exhausting them. Superman however can engage in intense physical activity for an undefined period of time before the production of fatigue toxins begins e.g he can fight for several weeks to months. 
7. Heat Vision: Even in their Super Saiyan forms both Vegeta and Goku cannot survive the full power of Superman's heat vision. Goku was barely able to survive lava while Superman's heat vision has been stated to be several times hotter than the Sun and its heat was impossible to measure even through the most advanced science on Earth. Superman's heat vision has the capability of destroying entire planets, the full force of his blast could incinerate Goku and Vegeta to death. 
8. Flight: All fighters can fly and have complete mastery over their flight however with Superman's greater speed he can use a combination of his speed and flight to his advantage and under the Earth's atmosphere he flies at Mach 10 speeds, a speed Goku and Vegeta cannot achieve and Goku can only surpass it using Instant Transmission however Superman can ultimately fly well over 50 times the speed of light with no known limit to his speed. 
9. Intellect: Superman is byfar a much faster thinker than both of those fighters, now though he does not have the tactical and strategic genius of Vegeta he is a genius and can think at superhuman levels quickly solving extremely complicated puzzles and visually understanding the machinery of a supercomputer in a few seconds. And in no disrespect to Goku he is a fighting genius however is a very slow thinker and dimwitted person all in all. 
10. Self Sustenance: After long periods of intense physical activity Saiyans require immense amounts of food to replenish their power and require oxygen and water and they are unable to survive in the harsh environment of space while Superman does not require to eat, sleep or breathe and is able to survive in space due to his body not requiring air, if the battle went to space which it surely won't then Goku and Vegeta would be left to die. 
Overall Superman has the greatest advantage of all and this is a rather unfair battle. Superman wins.
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NewDeath killed another one with sheer logic and we praise him for it XD *locked*
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