Superman VS Toriko's Jirou Striking Damage

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Conditions- Speed Equalized with no flight only ground to ground H2H punching each other . No sun dip etc.

How Damage is Dealt/Taken - Superman's punches can hurt/affect his own durability like how any other character(even normal humans in Real Life) punches can affect and hurt themselves pretty badly.

Jirou Striking = Planet Stopping Knocking Technique. the Knocking technique will be treated as Striking feat(not as special technique which depends on nerves of planet), a (Punch)Tap capable of Stopping Toriko Earth. [No arguments here]

Superman's Striking is how writers usually portray him. Not the Plot based version which can punch reality, who Survives attacks which should kill him just because he is Superman. Basically a no non-sense Superman.

Jirou Vs.

1.Post Crisis Superman

2.New-52 Superman

I am siding with Jirou on both accounts because of his Knocking Feat .

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Post crisis superman (minus all the many haxes), practically speaking in terms of strength is around 10 times weaker than Jirou. His most impressive is hurling a spaceship the size of a small moon or going at FTL speeds and breaking a diamond moon in half. Toriko world is at least 6 times the size of normal Earth. Superman would only be at best, a small continent buster. Meteor Spice has better and wider striking feats than this.

Technically, Jirou stomps.

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Ignoring the fact that grand knocking is a special technique and not a real strike and cant strike enemies like a punch from Superman?

Against post c supes it could go either way, Supes can exert moonbusting force but can be ko d by moonbusting force as well. Though he also moved 1/3 of a planet before. Superman likely takes this.

New 52 Supes stomps, he benched the weight of the earth for three days straight. Jirou would break all his joints trying to go h2h against this Superman.

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Moving/lifting Object require less Energy than destroying said object?

The World Breaker Hulk is more powerful than new52 Superman based on the fact that he could casually destroy Earth.

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Grand Knocking is strength. It is mitigated because Knocking techniques dot use full strength. Nevertheless Superman could tank it, New 52 for sure, post crisis most likely:
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while I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work on superman, it does look badass

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Superman MIGHT be able to withstand it, but I can't say for sure.

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So it's basically a question if superman can tank a planet busting attack? depends on the version.

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@Akira_Toriyama_is_GodofWeights: That depends, moving something is easily calculated, If u lift 10 tons u lifted 10 tons. To find out how much force or pressure you exert from a strike is a little tougher. In terms of the earth, you'd need to find out how much force it takes to break apart or annihilate the planet, (i.e N and Pa) vs the weight of the earth. Then we can see which require s more energy to acomplish, moving the weight of the earth or breaking it apart. Of course strictly speaking power and strength have different definitions, so finding out how much energy (J) were exerted during a task is not the only relevant thing to look at.

In strikes based fighting its simply a fact that the force you exert in punching/kicking means everything where as the amount of weight you are able to lift means very little- though it (along with technique of course) is very important for grappling.

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@hitsusatsu11: In the Marvel Universe, there is concept of Omega-Mutants. Hulk too is sort of Omega Level mutant with potentially limitless energy. He has ability to manipulate gamma radiation to increase his strength.

A omega level mutant is someone who possesses extreme manipulation of matter/energy, telepathy, telekinesis,Mind Switching etc.

here are some examples which can be found on Marvel Facts Omega level mutants on imgur.(that guy has list prof X and Emma frost as omega level when they are classified under alpha level)

Iceman's powers are not defined as the creation of ice, but rather, the absorption and dispelling of heat energy within a mentally controlled area, leading to ice as byproduct. iceman powers in fact fall under energy manipulation(specifically thermal energy).

Emma frost after mind body transfer(mind switch) out performed Booby in being Iceman.

Mister M was shown to resist a nuclear explosion which he created in his hand. He was capable of resisting the physical force and heat produced by the nuclear explosion and was not moved by the physical force unleashed either.Mr. M has the ability to augment his strength to incalculable levels as well has his speed of flight. Mr. M has been seen to manipulate psionic energy into a far greater form of energy, which is why he is regarded as one of the most powerful mutants of all time(Hulk can enhance his strength and some animes show varitaion of such energy manipulation too).

franklin richards has reality warping powers.

it all comes down to energy and its manipulation.marvel has plenty in that regards.Toriko with appetite energy manipulation etc.

So what I meant to imply is that Energy needed to Destroy an object is greater than energy needed to move that object.

on that basis, Specifically World Breaker Hulk is more powerful than New 52 Superman who lifts Earth or move Earth.

punching or striking is equally important as grappling. in fictional H2H. grappling moves coupled with lifting strength comes into play when a lifting based character(Superman) can break other comparatively physically weak character(Hulk with potentially high energy manipulation) by snapping his joints etc.

but if Hulk can manipulate his energy to increase his stats to world breaker levels, then even superman with earth lifting strength is not a threat for him.

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Can't say much for new 52 but Post Crisis would likely lose. Jirou's strength is on the gas giant level while Post Crisis was generally around the dwarf planet level in terms of strength. As the OP pointed he did get hurt by beings of his own strength level so Jirou should be able to bust him up badly with just a couple shots at most.

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