superman vs sailor scouts

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if you use versions superman will use versions too. 
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Either way sailormoon wins the people sailor moon has fought blew up planets with one finger by pointing at it eternal form sailor moon controls time I think and all the othher sailor scouts are really strong too, pluto can stop time, mercury freezes anything, jupiter uses heavenly thunder,mars uses really hot fire that burned huge boulders into dust, and sailor moon is faster then light and has taken hits from galixia. One sailor scout would be enough but every last one is overkill.
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 sailor scouts   stop time and kill superman slowly
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Superman speed blitz
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there all the speed of light some much faster
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what superman are you talking about silver age, allstar or normal from new earth cause i know for shure that allstar superman would slaughter them 
and i bet that  could destroy all sailors including eternal sailor moon cause he is now like Celestial and i want to add that it's a same superman just million years older.

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