Superman (S/D) vs. Hulk (Planet Hulk)

Topic started by ReiKai on March 10, 2010. Last post by SS4Chris 4 years, 10 months ago.
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@Zalax said:
" if thise fight takes place on another planet the hulk wins  because the yellow sun powers him so yeah also if did know planet hulk is a movie based on a comic book also hulk is one of the faster healers in marvel comics. so hulk wins thise round. "
perfect my friend you said everything that needed to be said Planet Hulk series is one of my favorite and the movie was sick
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He didn't really. It has nothing to do with whether or not there's a yellow sun. That has nothing to do with the debate and it's irksome that someone would try to sneak in an argument that would suggest Hulk could only win if somehow DCAU Superman was weakened by something.
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@ReiKai:  u set no rules i am merly comenting  
but the hulk would win 
if he survive the atomic bomb hell survive superman 
"u have to understand superman is the perfect hero created so he could not be betten but marvel also created a perfect hero and one of its first the hulk" 
hulk wins hulk wins
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Hulk is far from being a perfect Hero and Supes is far from being unbeatable. Supes either fights people too weak to be a problem or if they're strong they suffer massive PIS/CIS that enables Supes to come out victorious. It's why I avoid Comic discussions with him whenever possible. I'm only going by the versions of these characters that I have specifically pointed out. No more than what they have shown in those forms is allowable.
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its a good fight but dont you think u should put it on comic vine?
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 When It comes down To it Death of superman Had quite a few advantages going for him in this battle against hulk
  1. Superman Displayed A Much Higher level of Speed then Hulk did. (and he actually utilized it in this battle unlike his comic counterpart)
  2. I find it arguable to say that even In terms of strength, Defeating DD would put superman On Hulks level
  3. Flying. Something hulk Doesn't have. If it comes down to It He could also do a Atmosphere drop like he did in his fight
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I still find Hulk to be stronger, and the Red Prince could fly via his armor and it didn't really help him. Grabbing Hulk would be about the worst of ideas. He's already taken a nuke and the atomic flames inside the Egg-Breaker didn't hurt him at all when he was swallowed and ripped his way out. Plus there's Hulk's healing factor. Also, the only way Supes managed to grab Dday and fly him up was because of PIS/CIS with Dday being constantly distracted by other things the whole fight.
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superman is greater than the hulk...and has done many more impersive but i havent seen this movie i dont no if he is bettter than the moive hulk....but comicbook superman rapes hulk!!!!
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