Superman (S/D) vs. Hulk (Planet Hulk)

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This is animated versions of both. Supes from the Superman/Doomsday animated movie and Hulk from the recently released Planet Hulk movie, which was quite epic. Tired of the same old comic fights and series battles. This time it's just goin by what they could do in their own movies, and yes Planet Hulk seems to be separate from the Hulk vs. movies (or maybe not, but I don't wanna get into that). So instead of an awakened Doomsday, Supes has to contend against King Hulk, the Sakaarson, the Worldbreaker. 

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Hmm nice battle, I need to think about this one.
Post by BattleHeiz (5,769 posts) See mini bio Level 15
supe wins
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im going to have to think about it to this battle to but in that movie hulk had a healing factor so im thinking hulk
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Nice but neither of these are technically anime/manga characters. Also I'll have to  think about this one too. I would imagine it being similar to the Superman vs Doomsday battle only Hulk has healing so it would be nearly a perfect match.
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Well it's technically anime, actually. Nearly all of the Marvel and DC animated features they're putting out are done by Japanese Art directors/animators/companies or with help from them. One such example is Gotham Knight, which was like a Batman version of Animatrix. Yo could say it's kinda like his fight with Dday, except Hulk is actually very smart here and he's not one to be distracted by civilians and the army when fighting, unlike Dday who tried to kill anything that moved.
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@ReiKai: still supe wins.
and it would be better if it was Dday vs Hulk
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You should try giving some reasoning behind your opinion.
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I actually think Hulk wins this. The fight between Superman and Doomsday was so close that Superman himself actually "died" for several days. Hulk is basically as strong as that version of Doomsday however has a definite advantage a.k.a. healing factor.
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Well, he was in a near-death state and his metabolism slowed to the point he seemed dead in order to recover. Really, the Superman/Doomsday fight was the only good part about that whole movie. Everything else was just lacking severely, especially with the Supes clone that wasn't Eradicator. No Cyborg-Supes, no Steel, no Superboy, none of the stuff that lead into more epic stuff. After that fight everything else about the movie was just crap.
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@ReiKai: Agreed. It was supposed to be about Superman vs Doomsday but the entire second half was crap. Why? No Doomsday!
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The problem was they had the fight at the beginning of the movie. They should've spent most of the first half just showing Supes off; catching other super-villains, trying to find cures for shit, having relationship problems with Lois, etc etc. And have all that lead into an epic bout with Doomsday and then end it with his missing body and the speculation that he came back from the dead, then leave it like that and open for another movie to bring in the likes of Eradicator, Cyborg and the other Supers with a return of Doomsday. 
Instead they wasted the best part of the moving in the beginning and left the whole rest of it a meaningless pile of crap.
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Hulk never was as strong as doomsday and in a fight with doomsday supe was always trying to protect people and thats why he nearly died
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Had Doomsday not succumbed to PIS and kept turning away from Superman every other minute he would've killed Supes. You also have not seen Planet Hulk.
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@ReiKai: i've seen it and didn't like it cause they changed Silver Surfer
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Planet Hulk full powered form owns Superman from  SPvsDD
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The end of the movie was depressing. The writers should have made an epic fight. (Not Superman VS Clone????)
I think Superman would win this fight if he fights with his head. Ice attacks could freeze the Hulk. Heat vision could damage the Hulk.
If the fight is focused on brute force, Planet Hulk wins this.  
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Freezing didn't stop Dday, and Hulk was getting blasted up with laser weapons and the plasma/fire in the Eggbreaker's body after jumping inside it. His heat-vision wouldn't do much more to Hulk than it did to Dday. Nevermind that he got blasted with more weapons and flamethrowers by the Red King in their final confrontation and Hulk Thunderclapped his ass.
The reason why they changed SS to Bill was because of the limited timeframe for the movie. They wanted to do a mini-series of Planet Hulk, which would allow them to expand things and explain things more. But they couldn't do that and they needed someone to battle Hulk whom they could explain being there in Sakaar. They didn't have the time to do that with Silver Surfer, so they replaced him with Beta Ray Bill, whom could reasonably have been there after chasing the Krog from Earth after the scuffle with Thor. Creative liscensing allowed them to do this, despite BRB not having been there when the Krog fought with Thor in the original comics. There was a lot of things they wanted to do with Planet Hulk that they just couldn't do due to the time-constraints of the movie.
Regardless, BRB taking over for Silver Surfer isn't so big of a deal. Bill is usually a touch under Thor in terms of sheer power and Thor (base level) has always been around Surfer's level, so it's not really a huge change or difference. Hell you say what Bill did with Stormbreaker; threw that thing which ripped through all, what, 100+ feet of solid stone to make that opening? And Hulk took a shot like that from Bill right to the face at close range.
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Planet Hulk wins this one hands down he is unstoppable superman is over his head on this one
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if thise fight takes place on another planet the hulk wins 
because the yellow sun powers him so yeah
also if did know planet hulk is a movie based on a comic book also hulk is one of the faster healers in marvel comics. so hulk wins thise round.
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