Superman Prime VS Golden saints (SS omega)

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Superman prime must defeat the golden saints as a gauntlet one by one (one by sanctuary).


No prep.


Battles take place during the day.

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Saints curbstomp.

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From what I've heard of of both characters the gold saints stomp
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i don't know who wins but superman prime can kill you to death so.......
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How strong are the gold saints exactly? Have heard a lot of hype around the gold ones, and they're galaxy-level from what I've heard. I know that the Athena Exclamation is at (or close to) universal level in its AOE, which is pretty nuts.

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@GIRUGAMESH: There are different level of saints (gold). They go from Solar system level to high end galaxy busting/close to universal level.

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I'm sure the saints could beat him easily if they fought him together, but one on one is more difficult. Even when he was Superboy prime he was strong even to punch through reality and fight through a 300 mile thick green lantern wall. He tanked a guardian blowing up in his face and he was able to capture and contain mxy. He also survived monarch destroying the universe whilst his power was almost depleted.

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Combined they should make short work of Supeman. 1 on 1 is a different story.
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