Superman and Goku(What if they were to switch places)?

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A post from Vine

"Superman’s ship traveled through a black hole and landed on the planet earth in the dbz universe to Grandpa Gohan.

Supes goes on Goku,s same journey, and Goku goes on Supes same journey.

Goku,s ship traveled through a black hole and landed on the planet earth in the dc universe to Jonathan and Martha Kent. O yea Goku still bumps his head, after realizing what Goku becomes during a full moon the Kents cut his tail.

1. Who would win a fight between these two?(30 years into the future)

2. How would things be different?"

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I can imagine Superman killing everyone Goku face rather easily. Since he would have been raised differently.

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@SMXLR8: Nice try, but this still counts as a Superman vs Goku. And Superman still wins he will retain all his abilities under a yellow sun. Whereas Goku, needs to go threw a certain amount of battles to power up through zenkai's. He needs proper training and emotional roller-coasters to become a SSJ. Without Krillin or close childhood friends he can't transform because pure-blooded Saiyan's lack the emotion on their own. And to my knowledge Superman didn't have any friends until he became an adult.

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Quite a few of the enemies Goku faced supes wouldn't have the ability to kill(Cell and Buu for example) he just does have the pure destructive force that goku has, that being said Goku got as strong as he due to what he went through in his life, Supermans power he was born with, goku had to gradually get to where he is, therefor he would probably die, since he would be rather weak compared to what supermans villains are used to. Not to mention his lack of proper training( i won't say goku would not train at all since that would be incoorect it's in his bloodline to desire physical combat)however it would be interesting to see how goku would turn out with a much higher education than he was offered in dbz, Superman is naturally intelligent, therefor his intelligence would be rather unaffacted. With this Goku would at least be able to use his brains to get ahead in supermans universe.

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Superman would be able to kill Cell and Buu easily by plunging their bodies into the sun.
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Anyway this has also been done before....many many times.
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