Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Ultimate/Mystic Gohan

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@comicfanforever said:

                    Gohan  powers  were
not sufficient to  make  the  genki -dama  strong  enough to  crush Majin
Buu  in its purest form .

  Mystic  Gohan Power   +  Piccolo  +  Trunks  +  Goten  +  population  of  the
Earth  ( with Android  17 )
+   rest
of  the Zgang ( Android 18 ,  Roshi ,  Yancha ,  Kurin,.... )  +  other  inhabitants of the  other world  population and station (King Emma)  +  Namek  + Dende  +         Old Kaio  +         Kaioshin <   Kid  Buu

Yeah, this isn t enough to destroy except our friends......
 Now lets see:

Now.....more people....but not enough to kill Kid Buu
Only  when  Goku  became  a  Super
Saiyan -jin  1, he  had
the strength  to  Pushing  the  Genki
Dama agaisnt Buu, just barely....

Goku: Oh no, Its over....but....

Mystic  Gohan Power   +  Piccolo  +  Trunks  +  Goten  +  population 
of  the
Earth  ( with Android  17 )
+   rest
of  the Zgang ( Android 18 ,  Roshi ,  Yancha ,  Kurin,.... )  +  other
inhabitants of the  other world  population and station (King Emma)  +
Namek  + Dende  +         Old Kaio  +         Kaioshin + Goku Super Saiyan 1  > Kid  Buu

 you guys should read  the  manga , look  how Goku
is all crapped  after pushing  the  Genki-dama .  Goku  had
to  give  his
energy  to make  the  Genki  Dama  stronger .

  Let's  consider  a
few things

Ki  Kid  Buu  -  1000
  Mystic  Gohan 's
Ki  and  the
rest of  the  Gang  and  all
those people  -  950

the  Dragon Ball  universe ,  who
has  the  highest  Ki  always wins .  Look  to  the  fight  against  Dodoria and   Vegeta ,  Dodoria  had  a  power  level  of  22k  and
still his butt  destroyed ....  By  Vegeta  who  was
only  24k of power level .   Vegeta  was  only  17 %  stronger than  Dodoria. And   Dodoria even  had
no  chance  whatsoever.  What  I  mean
is that  the smallest  difference  can  make
much difference  in  the DBZ 
universe .

Now...lets see

Kid Buu KI - 1000
Mystic  Gohan 's
Ki  and  the
rest of  the  Gang  and  all
those people + Goku Super Saiya-jin 1 - 1010

 See how  Goku  is  all  tired .  This  shows  clearly that  he  had
to  give  all  his  energy  to  destroy  Buu .  Gohan  should  be  stronger  than  Goku  SSJ3 when he  confronts  Fat  Buu ,  but  when  the  fight  between him  and  Kid  Buu , Goku  says  clearly  and  claiming  he  could  destroy ( alone)  Kid Buu  with the Super  Saiyan  3  Full  power . Goku Super Saiyan 3 Full Power KI > Kid Buu KI = Goku SSJ3 > Mystic Gohan KI and all the people > Mystic Gohan > Gotenks SSJ3 > Super Buu > Goku SSJ3 >/= Fat Buu   In my opinion, I do not want lack of respect.



Mystic Gohan has more stamina than SS3 Goku. SS3 Goku doesn't have alot of stamina due to the power consumption of the form. And Super Buu > Kid Buu. Super Buu is more power but Kid Buu is more dangerous due to his animalistic personality and lack of intellegence. Mystic Gohan would defeat SS3 Goku because he has higher stamina, is the most powerful non-fusion DBZ character, and was stomping regular Super Buu. If you still think Kid Buu > Super Buu, notice the kais he absorbed. They were making him weaker with the final absorption being fat Buu. The weakest of the Buus. Not to mention Gohan is a half human/half saiyan hybrid which are more powerful than normal saiyans. There are also tons of hints that indicated Gohan was more powerful. Goku ADMITTED he will not stand a chance against Super Buu whereas Gohan was just showing off. Gohan wins.
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refer to manga chapter 507 page 12. goku himself tells vegeta super buu is too strong for them together. but we see that gohan easily thrashed up super buu in 2 mins. we dont need a bigger proof than this to prove gohan is stronger. MYSTIC GOHAN WINS!!
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This is so much simpler than it looks... As much as I hate it, it's undeniable that Gohan is the strongest fighter except for fusions/absorptions, and not just because this is stated in the Daizenshuu. There are quotes and manga scenes that strongly imply that he is in a different league in comparison to Goku and the others - like, as you people said, Goku being scared to fight Super Buu even with Vegeta by his side. It's sad but true.

Buuut, there's still hope for Goku fans (like me) who just can't deal with that: filler scenes and movies. Toei producers probably decided to do that because most fans wanted Goku to be the strongest character (even Toriyama felt this pressure, which led him to make up the Majin Buu Saga), but the fact is that they constantly added some details implying that Goku was the actual world's finest - most of those details made the story and power levels a little bit crazy, but lets take a look at them:

  • In the anime version, Goku gets to fight Gotenks Buu for a brief moment and handles it just as well as Gohan did, which means that either Buu was going really easy on him or his SSJ3 form was at least as strong as Ultimate Gohan.
  • In one episode that is almost entirely filler, when Goku and Vegeta are inside Buu's body, Goku fights an "evil" version of Gohan created by the demon's memories. Although it wasn't the real Gohan, Goku states that he was just as powerful as the original. Now, here's what's really crazy amazing about this scene: base Goku managed to block Gohan's attacks and it took only a SSJ to take him down. It even funny when he says "You've really grown, Gohan!" and then punches him to the ground...
  • A third detail - and the one I like the most - is the difference in Kid Buu's power level between the manga and the anime version. While in the manga he is regarded as "the most dangerous Majin", Goku adds a different idea to the anime: he wasn't simply dangerous,"his power, strength, speed and regeneration were in a whole different level from all of his other forms so far"; and even though he is so strong, SSJ2 Goku put a fight against him - in comparison, SSJ2 Vegeta could barely keep up for a minute!
  • Finally, the 13th movie. Do I even have to comment on that?

All hail fillers! :P

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It was pretty obvious since the beginning of the series that Gohan had far more potential than Goku ever did, and it makes sense that he is stronger as well, if Gohan had trained even a little during the 7 year period after Cell, this wouldn't even be up for debate.

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Akira nerfed everybody expect Goku (again). Goku has the Power of Plot to protect him in times of need. The show made it clear that while Goku SSJ3 was stronger than Fat Buu he's not tiers above him. Fat Buu's punches did little to harm Goku SSJ3 the same way Perfect Cell's punched did little against Teen Gohan SSJ2 who was roughly 100 times stronger than Cell was. So Goku at SSJ3 was probably 50-100 times stronger than Fat Buu, judging how the fight went on. Goku did however said that a figther stronger than him would appear to fight him, now Goku could have exaggerated about that just to get Fat Buu's blood flowing. Still Gotenks SSJ would have been enough to take Fat Buu on witch makes Gotenks SSJ in the SSJ3 tier, more or less. However if you add SSJ2 and eventually SSJ3 Gotenks to the mix than Goku quickly gets overshadowed by the fused warrior because adding the multipiers off SSJ2 and SSJ3, would make Gotenks SSJ3 500 times stronger than he was before, more than enough to overpower both Fat Buu and Goku SSJ3 at the same time.

A couple of new enemies appear like, Super Buu, Buutenks and Mystic Buu. If you compare those fighters with Goku then Goku should just sit on the bench because he's up against opponents who are hundred times stronger that himself..... and the fans won't have that. Goku is the main star of DBZ and you can't have the main star of the show to sit on the side lines for 50+ episodes can you, so Goku ivokes the Power of Plot and manages to tank hits from Buutenks and later in his SSJ2 form no less, takes hits from Mythic Buu. The...F! yeah Mythic Buu was pretty pissed when Vegeta SSJ2 rushed him and he really showd that he wasn't playing around and gave Vegeta some HARD hits, same for Goku SSJ2... but both Vegeta and Goku stood up from that and where ready to fight some more...... now.... this is ridicilous. Mythic Buu... is really really strong, he's easily a couple of 100 times stronger than Goku SSJ3.... but.... Goku/Vegeta where in there SSJ2 form to begin with.... yeah. Remember when Gohan nearly comatosed Cell with just 2 punches? yeah a pissed off Mythic Buu who's miles ahead of a bunch of SSJ2's would punch there heads off with his pinky.

Goku got a Zenkai boost from Akira when nobody was watching so that Goku isn't the Raditz of the group. I know that the movies aren't canon but the movies show what Akira thinks of the rest of his characters. Its always Goku who saves the day. Freaking Hirudegarn was so damn strong that he was able to ONESHOT Gotenks SSJ3 and beat the ever living crap out of Mysthic Gohan, both of them are stronger than Goku was. Yes here comes Goku taking DIRECT hits from the Godzilla monster like a boss and out of nowhere activated a hax attack and finishes a monster off who moments ago solo'd the Z Figthers like nothing.

In the beginning we got a strong sense that Gotenks SSJ would have supassed Goku SSJ3 nevermind Gotenks at SSJ3, but Akira doesn't care for consistencies like most writers do and buffs Goku up to the likes of Mythic Gohan. Screw that.

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I love how there will always be Goku fanboys claiming he wins. Gohan lolwtfstomps his Father so hard it isn't even funny.
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Why is this still going on??? The manga is decades old, and Gohan is still stronger than SSJ3 Goku.

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@All_StarSupes: Cause someone one bumped it lol

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Goku wins... He wore the gi better
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@All_StarSupes said:

Why is this still going on??? The manga is decades old, and Gohan is still stronger than SSJ3 Goku.

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@niBBit: but according to AT, both Gohan and Gotenks are stronger than Goku, who doesn't stand a chance against Super Buu... Toei was the one to change that in the anime version! And here's a curiosity: he took hits from Gohan Buu AND fought a Gohan clone ("just as strong as the original") as a SSJ.

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Is it so hard to accept that the manga and the anime version of Dragon Ball Z are two different things, specially when it comes to power-levels? Sure, we can say "filler is bullshit! doesn't count", but it doesn't change the fact that they're different.

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