super perfect cell vs broly

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That one feat he's accomplished at the beginning of movie 8 isn't consistent within his power set though, as proven by the fact he was killed by an attack that wasn't nowhere near even starbusting and yet he couldn't overpower it.
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Perfect Cell is above Super Perfect Cell??? Alright, I'm done with this.

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@MisterShin said:

As much as i like Super Perfect Cell, Broly wins here. Although Cell has many techniques which can help him out. Broly can pop out a Solar system buster or a Galaxy buster on Cell, and Cell is finished.

Strength = Broly

Durability = Broly

Speed = Broly

Energy Projection = Broly

Techniques = Cell

Intellect = Cell

Regen = Cell


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Cell will have no time to make a move, Broly will be after him like a dog chasing a cat... actually, one punch from Broly will make Cell spit out the androids like Gohan did.... but even worst.

Lol... a punch to the groin will the the decided factor in this match.

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Broly one shots cell to the next dimension.

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