Super Buuhan vs. Unicron

Topic started by justanormalguy on Dec. 22, 2011. Last post by Alexman113 3 years, 1 month ago.
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Abstract version of Unicron should win, normal Unicron regularly goes down to a bunch of sky scrapper sized robots. I'm more inclined to say Buu ruins him without much effort in that form, even if it destroyed the previous multiverse some how one planet at a time. Unicron was more of a threat after being killed than he ever was alive.

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Like Hellos said, the abstract version of Unicron would more than likely win, this was the version that i assumed was being used seeing as you allowed the strongest version of him.

In the time it takes for Buu to have his tantrum (Which he needs to be angry/p***ed off in order to perform), Unicron would have already beat him.

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Buu wins... even Fat Buu beats unicron... turns him to chocolate.
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Unicron easily takes this given that all versions of Unicron are the same, and that the only thing shown to be able to put him down for any length of time is the autobot matrix which im sure buu does not have in his possession.

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@Lil_Cal said:

Just because someone has the potential to pull something off doesn't mean they'll do it in a fight.

Just saying.

You mean like when Buuhan actually tried to destroy the universe in a fight and Vegito stopped him?@justanormalguy said:

@TheRedRose: The destructive power was in Majin Buu. That's the core of the argument. He has the power. That's what seems to be slipping people's mind. Whether or not it took long isn't the point. The fact of the matter is that the character itself had the power to destroy the universe. And where DBZ increases in power, they increase in speed, durability, etc, as presented by the mangaka. Like I told Dream, and I will quote myself on this heavy necessity for "feats" especially with DBZ --

I don't overestimate. I go by what is presented and what the mangaka wrote in the manga/anime. I don't try to add to or remove what is already there because I want to try and solidify my argument. Majin Buu had the power to destroy the universe. That is what was presented. And a third party even confirmed it in Dende. Fictional characters can only be viewed through the eyes of the mangaka - what powers and abilities they gave the characters is not for us to debate, but just accept because we can't change that.

In short, what is presented is what is. Done.

Yes, given the correct scenario, Buuhan could destroy the universe but I don't see Unicron just sitting back and letting it happen. Buu loses here.

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