Sub-Zero and Furrball VS Captain Cold and Coba

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It's a blue battle of ice blasting costume wearer and blue furred cat as Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat(Deception form, as the picture indicates)and Furrball from Tiny Toon Adventures take on Captain Cold from DC Comics(pre-Nu52, post-crisis)and Coba from the 1980's anime Voltron: Defender Of The Universe.


The fight takes place in rural Canada.

Sub-Zero is fighting Captain Cold and Furrball is fighting Coba. NO SOLOING ALLOWED. If one member of each team wins, then those winners fight each other and whoever wins that fight wins it for his whole team.

It's a random encounter. Furthermore, Sub-Zero has his Kori blade drawn, to counter how Captain Cold naturally has his freezing gun, and Furrball's bad luck aura is OFF. His unluckiness takes a backseat here, and while Coba is a ferocious cat, remember that Furrball has toon force and must have picked up some ways of survival from living in an alley for so long.

So this should be an interesting fight. Who wins the Sub-Zero/Captain Cold fight, and why? And who wins the Furrball/Coba fight, and why? Please be sure to explain both outcomes.

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