Strongest Elementals in A&M.

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What you think that are the strongest elementals of each element,the character can use more than one element but he have to be judged based on his/her's main element.I will just put some elements but you don't have to use all of them if you don't know who's the strongest of all of them,and you can post diferent type of elements if you want. 
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Fire: Nova Shenron (DBZGT), Pyron (Pyron), Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto (Bleach), Akainu Sakasuki (One piece), Portgas D Ace(One Piece)
Earth: Deidara (Naruto), Jirobo (Naruto)
Air:  Jin Kariya (filler Bleach [also wind user]), Jin (YYH), Temari (Naruto), 
Water: Tia Harribel (Bleach), Tobirama Senju (Naruto), Jinbei (One Piece), Hoshigaki Kisame (Naruto), 
Light: Kizaru (One Piece)
Darkness/shadow: Kurohige (One Piece), Gecko Moria (One Piece),
Gravity: Kurohige (One Piece), Pain (Naruto [never showed it but is capable of using 5 elements besides]),
Lightning: Enel (One Piece), Sasuke (Naruto [ also a fire user]), Killua (HXH), Suzaku (YYH), Skinn Bolic (D Gray Man)
Ice: (I think you forgot this) Ice Shenron (DBZGT), Aokiji (one piece), Toshiro (Bleach), Toya (YYH), Haku (Naruto), Seiryu (YYH),
Bonus: Lavi (from D gray man) (can use multiple elements including earth, fire, and lightning), Kakashi (does not excell in any of them but is capable of using techniques with 4 different elements)
There are more but I have no time at the moment.
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@CodeSaint: @taichokage: 
 Fire= Hotaro(sdk), Johnny storm(marvel), Nova shenron(dbz) Hiei(yyh), Captain yamamoto(bleach)
Earth=  Tenshi Hinanai(touhou) Quinlong(getbackers) Deidara (Naruto), Jirobo (Naruto)
Air/Wind= Kazuma(Kage No Stigma) Jouya Kanou(getbackers) aang(avatar) Jin(yyh)
Water=  King Wansun(COTCS) Aqua The Back(ToAru)  Fubuki(SDK) Shinrei(SDK)
Light= Masaki(Getbackers)  Keith Violet (ToAru) Kizaru(One Piece) Hong Yung(COTCS)
Darkness=  Darkness(Shadow Skill) Blackbeard(One Piece) Dynamis(Negima)  Madoku(SDK)
Gravity= Chinmei(SDK) Brago(Gash Bell) Jukwol(COTCS) Victor (Busou Renkin)
Lightning= Raitei(Getbackers) Negi(Negima) Killua (HXH) Sasuke(SDK)
Ice= Akira(SDK) Iceman(Marvel) Aokiji(One Piece) Hitsuguya(Bleach)
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Hao from shaman king is a master of every element
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 Fire= Captain Yamamoto(Bleach) , Zuko(Avatar),Azula(Avatar),Iroh (Avatar) ,Ozai(Avatar)
Earth=  Jirobo(Naruto) ,Toph(Avatar),Terra(Teentitans) 
Air/Wind= Aang(Avatar)
Water= Sailor Mecury(Sailor Moon), Sailor Neptune(Sailor Moon) ,Kisame(Naruto),Katara(Avatar),Haku(Naruto),Zabuza(Naruto)
Light= Kizaru(One Piece) ,Dr.Light(Teentitans) 

 Darkness=  Darkness(Shadow Skill),Raven(Teentitans) 
Lightning=  Iroh(Avatar),Azula(Avatar),Saskue(Naruto),Kakashi(Naruto)
Ice= Hitsuguya(Bleach) , Katara(Avatar),Sailor Mecury(Sailor Moon) , Aokiji(One Piece),Haku(Naruto)
I think water and ice should be grouped as together...
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 Fire= Michael and DS(Bastard!)Fiamma(ToAru),Code:Emperor,Lyna Mia Delta
Earth= Uriel(Bastard),Fate Averruncus,Tarras  and Tanya Doberg,Mio Sasuga
Water= Pontus,Oceanus(Saint Seiya)
Light= Kizaru,Heike Masaomi
Darkness= Dynamis
Gravity= Yooshin(Zero[Manhwa]),Chinmei
Lightning=   Negi and Nagi,Felicia(Maian),Gash,Biribiri,Alexander the God of Destruction(Makai Kingdom)
Ice= Evangeline McDowell,Cygnus Hyoga,Uranus(Psyren),Ma Jin(Legend of Maian)
Metal/Magnetism=Toki Fujiwara
Heart=Domon Kasshu 
I will fill it more later.
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 Ice- Cygnus Hyoga 
 Fire -human torch   
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Fire= Hao (Shaman King), Ozai (Avatar), Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho), Ace, Akainu (One Piece), Lyserg (Shaman King), Natsu, Zancrow (Fairy Tail)
Earth= King Bumi, Toph (Avatar), Whitbeard (One Piece), Gara, Deidara (Naruto), Hoteye, Jura (Fairy Tail)
Air/Wind= Aang (Avatar), Chocolove, Radin (Shaman King), Wendy, Racer (Fairy Tail)
Water= Katara (Avatar),  Juvia (Fairy Tail)
Light= Kisaru (One Piece), Loke (Fairy Tail)
Darkness= Black Star, Kishin, Shinigami (Soul Eater), Gecko Moria (One Piece), Alucard (Hellsing)
Gravity= Brago (Gash Bell), Blackbeard (One Piece)
Lightning= Enel (One Piece), Gash (Gash Bell), Ginji (GetBackers), Luxus (Fairy Tail)
Ice= Evangeline McDowell (Negima), Cygnus Hyoga (Saint Seiya), Aokiji (One Piece), Horohoro (Shaman King), Gray, Ur, Lyon (Fairy Tail)
Metal= Gajeel (Fairy Tail), Kid (One Piece)
Time = Ultear (Fairy Tail), Joe (Viewtful Joe)

Heart = Sora, Terra, Agua, Ventus (Kingdom Hearts)
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