Storm Vs Trafalgar Law

Topic started by One_Piece_God on June 16, 2013. Last post by taichokage 1 year, 2 months ago.
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@One_Piece_God: theres so muuuuuch.... hmm well in answer to the mist like taichokage said he just removes it, he can do the same with the snow or teleport himself behind ororo, and she has no way of blocking his attacks AT ALL that's the real problem here, she has the mojo to fight him but to block him? She has no defense against that especially since his range is so good.

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@Jinbeifan1: he can only remove the mist in his room that doesn't allow him to see outside his room. And i do believe he is only capable of teleporting himself between rooms. With lack of sight how can he know where to place a room to teleport too?

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I felt like bumping this. So do not ask a stupid question like 'why did you bump this' as I have clearly answered lol.

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Lol. A response already prepared.
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