Stinger and Kou Karunagi versus Bradley and Greed

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Two Men from Project Arms versus the Homunculi from FMA

 They fight in the sewers
 They fight in the sewers
Which team wins
Note: For anyone with info on the Project ARMS combatants should help out others with info should they ask about the characters involved.
Match Setting

Homunculi are given about twelve souls each
Bradley has five swords with him  , he has the competence shown in the manga and the regen shown in the first anime series
Normal Greed but treat him with the added combat skills of Ling
 Him and
 Him and
 this guy
 this guy


Kou Karunagi is a fast combatant [think akuma without the fancy moves] but with the plus advantage of excessive strength [the wind from his punch can mangle a forklift] 
_A class mutant who can tear cyborgs apart with his bare hands_

Stinger is given his knives and he can last in this match for the max of an hour in his hyper adrenaline mode , he did blitz half transformed Ryo Takatsuki after all
_Boosted human with the senses of wild animals_ <do not treat him as those chimeras, especially dorchet>
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both of them are actually too fast for greed, stinger can just sliced greed repeatedly ending the fight with him , the next one is bradley, kou karunagi says "fuck you " to swords
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@cfatalis: Damn , I made yet another stomp thread ... would these two guys be better off against chunin arc characters?
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