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i want feats on all the character in EU

my list of characters

darth vader

darth sidious

luke skywalker

obiwan if in EU

darth raven and more

characterS out of EU to because im trying to get into it

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This is an anime site, not a Star Wars site

Go to comicvine for feats

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Not really a battle thread, but I'll bite.

Darth Sidious:

- at the time of revenge of the sith was equal to Yoda, perhaps even slightly stronger (debatable)

- at his prime (in his new body) was capable of creating wormholes when enraged and could enslave the minds of millions in order to fuel his power. Was also a skilled enough combatant to defeat Luke in a duel (and this was some time after return of the jedi).

- could kill jedi and jedi-level enemies pretty much instantly with his force lightning

- mastered every sith technique.

Darth Revan:

- hailed as the strongest jedi of the age

- defeated a dark lord of the sith (malak) even after the latter had been amped by more force users

- mastery of both the light and dark side of the force

- was capable of putting up a fight against Lord Vitiate (who some believe to be the most OP star wars character of all time).

Luke Skywalker:

- at his best was capable of defeating Sidious in lightsaber combat

- when meditating could track spacecrafts moving at lightspeed

- could use the electric judgement technique, which is basically a one-hit kill version of force lightning

- mastered telepathic abilities to the extent that he could cut off Sidious.

Here are a few more of the best force users.

Darth Bane:

- before his prime was able to bring a whole temple down with the force

- capable of facing multiple jedi masters and defeating them

- with orbalisk armour was even stronger and practically unbeatable in single lightsaber combat (the best combatant in the jedi order at the time couldn't do a thing on her own).

Darth Nihilus:

- could kill people just by speaking

- was able to keep his body together after it had degraded just through the force

- consumed the life force of entire planets to fuel his hunger

- he alone was stated to be a threat to the entire galaxy, to all jedi and sith alike.

Lord Vitiate/The Sith Emperor:

- he defeated Revan at his best without much trouble

- complete mastery of the dark side

- was defeating sith lords and conquering planets at the age of 14

- was able to beat most enemies simply by crushing their will and making them his pawns

- deceived dozens of sith lords and then added their power to his own, becoming even stronger.

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