SSJ3 Goku Vs Ichiryuu

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@Saiyan007 said:

what the fuck is this wank goku blinks and he dies a ssj3 goku is overkill

Nope, Ichiryuu wins for the reasons already explained by Othus12. He's just too haxed for Goku

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Ok nice. Sorry I'm not as good with math as I was a few years ago. Also since Saturn is an exceedingly low mass planet for its relative size. If anything it's a low end calculation. So it could likely be even stronger as I'm sure you knew already when you made the calculation.
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@taichokage: Nah, I don't think its a low end since Saturn also has a gravity of about 1G, which is the same as Earth. So the Toriko planet should be about the same as Saturn in both size and mass.

But yeah, in one way you can call it a low end since the feat was extremely casual.

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The reason I say it could be low end is not only because of Jirou's apparent casualness (for instance, what if he used 2 hands?!) but because the Toriko World is a Rocky Planet. Rocky Planets have more mass for the same amount of size as Gas Giants. For instance if you were to take one of the rocky planets, Earth, Venus, Mars or Mercury, and incred their size to that of Saturn and increased their mass relatively. It would be far more massive. For example, if earth were the size of Saturn like the Toriko World, it would be over 8x as massive as Saturn.
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@supernova7005: the toriko world should have wayy more mass compared to saturn.

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@othus12: Did you read my calc -

If Toriko world is much heavier than Saturn, its gravity will be much higher than 1G. But this is not the case....right?

If its way heavier, the calc should be multiplied by 500-1000, making his strength roughly equal to that of 5000 planet busters.

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True the gravity should be higher. Although we dont know the gravity of Toriko world so it shouldn't be ruled out, there are normal humans on the planet and based on what I've seen they aren't 9x stronger than real world humans. Probably a matter of Mitsutoshi not taking it into account. He probably wasn't considering the relative mass and exact gravity that a planet the likes of the Toriko world should have.
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@taichokage: maybe the materials are also heavier? that's why the seem like normal human like us?

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I doubt it, I'm pretty sure the humans in Toriko are normal, and I'm almost certain the gravity isn't higher in human world (only in Heavy Hole and certain parts of Gourmet world), if it was Toriko would have definitely weighed more than 210 kilos in the first chapter, and him carrying a 1 ton beast wouldn't be seen as superhuman honestly if the gravity was as high as it should be. It's not a matter of Mitsutoshi not realizing it, he's clearly defined how huge the world is several times and he knows his stuff so I'm sure he's aware the gravity should be higher. But at the same time....It's a manga lol, some things are just ignored in fiction because they'd be a pain to take into account, it's also possible he has an explanation for it though I wouldn't put it past him.

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