SSJ3 Broly vs. Galactus

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@hitsusatsu11 said:

"In Secret Wars 1, I am aware. 
However at other times Thanos has outright invaded G Man's mind and struggled with him there. " 

 He let him in.

"Funny he never does this in his fights, like when he's getting hurt by Rachael Summers. " 

Rachael under her own power can't hurt Galactus.  
And I recall an instance in particular that the Invisible Woman finds her attacks going through Galactus without harming him.  
Then there is the instance above where Galactus displays his multidimensional cookie layer where you have Thor and friends blasting away unable to touch him.

"G Man could shrug off universe busting? I don't think so" 

He already did it before he was Galactus, he will manage. Regardless Broly goes down long before that happens.  
I'm suprised no one mentioned the one time Morg unleased the nullifier on Tyrant and Galactus who we see later survived.

"G Man is quite capable of dieing" 

Not really, the whole process of killing Galactus is a tricky task.  
The closest thing to dead you've seen him is being a star that would burn for eternity, which only took a reality warper and his sister to remake him good as new, ergo he didn't enter Death's realm despite being dead.  
Heck Death itself has shown an interest in keeping Galactus alive, then theres the instance when the inbetweener blasted him, his ship, and company to pieces just to reform in a plit second everyone there. 

"and the SS has remarked that his death would cause an explosion 42 light years wide." 

His first "Death" released a being that was going to destroy the multiverse if Frankling Richards and Valeria hadn't revived him, in which he makes a damn fool of Abraxas.  
The closest other instances where from starvation and Annihilus planning to turn him into a bomb using Galactus's own power, to destroy the universe and then some.  
Galactus is big on not wanting to kill despite ending civilizations, perhaps the 42 lightyear boom is him containing the damage as best he can?
Although what happens when Broly dies? A couple of bad sequel films?  
I guess Broly isn't capable of tanking galaxy busters either if he doesn't die and instantly destroy galaxies.
Your trying to use something that means absolutely nothing to a character's power as a means to lowball them, what happens when most things die in fiction despite being powerful beings?  
Nothing, Goku has kicked the bucket plenty of times and he was the most powerful being in his universe, it was still there.

" In other instances his power was trying to be harnessed in order to destroy the universe.  " 

Not harnessed, just setting the fuse to a being that is already a walking universe himself, who regularly has gone up against being and even nearly devoured Mephisto's pocket dimension.

It was already proven in DBZ that being more powerful will do nothing against matter manipulation, as evidenced by Mystic Buu turning Vegito into an elastic candy, 


"Vegeto let that happen, when he put up a ki barrier, magic absorption failed.   " 

Your comparing two completely different things.  
Vegeto tanked a direct hit from the candy beam and was turned into a snack, Buu tried to absorb him and he placed a barrier and still found himself shrunk. 
Ki Barriers don't have feats that give them ANY sort of protection against any time of matter manipulation, magic or straight up abstract reality warping from a guy in a big pump suit. 
If anything that showing directly supports that Ki barriers do not provide complete shielding against the magic Buu provides, thats all. 

"With Broly's infinite energy, he could put on a indefinite ki barrier. (of universal magnitude) " 

That doesn't make any sense.
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@hitsusatsu11: Actually when you are multiversal it means that you can go around one-shotting universes as you please.  
A full powered Galactus managed to defeat Abraxas, and not only that but he is known to be Eternity's equal when his power is at its fullest which means that he is either virtually omnipotent or nigh-omnipotent. That obviously indicates that some casual universe-buster is not going to stand against nigh-omnipotent power levels.  
You really can't change the fact that Broly is not even near omnipotence while a full powered Galactus is nigh-omnipotent or virtually omnipotent, he can achieve virtually any effect he wants.  
I haven't seen anything to suggest that universe-busting will kill Galactus. You are apparently the only user here who believes so.  
Again I recommend you do a lot more research on Marvel characters if you think that the Thanos incident can be used against Galactus. You do realize that Galactus let him win right? If you did then you wouldn't have used that to try and make Galactus look weak.  
So what if he hasn't done those things in a fight? You of all people should know that it doesn't matter, at all. If he can do it then he can. Broly is not going to harm Galactus if he decides to exist on a non-physical plane. While Galactus in turn will be able to easily destroy Broly. Goku was never ever shown busting a planet or even a moon, but we still know that he can destroy stars etc. if you bring things like that up in this debate just so Broly can win then you shouldn't dismiss others when they say Goku can't bust a planet because he has never done it (we know he can though). Because Galactus is nigh-omnipotent or virtually omnipotent he can do virtually "ANYTHING" he wants, which includes being non-physical while still retaining all of his powers so he can destroy Broly. 
I didn't say Galactus can't die. I said Broly can't kill him, he's not powerful enough. It is your burden to prove a universe-busting attack can penetrate a virtually impenetrable force field (Galactus' force fields have been countlessly described as virtually impenetrable when at full power. I'll take it as a fact, I believe you do the same for DBZ statements as well). 
Galactus can utterly destroy Broly before he can put up a ki barrier (which I doubt will even work since Galactus is far more powerful than him). You also didn't answer my question: What will Broly do when Galactus uses a soul-based attack? Broly or any Saiyan has never shown any kind of protection over the soul, if Galactus decides to reconstruct or destroy Broly's soul it is going to happen. Broly can't resist it. Stating that Broly's energy is infinite is true but it isn't exactly infinite, it is like The Hulk's strength, it will increase as he fights, but Galactus already has infinite energy by default since he is the wielder of the limitless energy source known as The Power Cosmic which already makes it clear why he can easily overpower Broly.  
Matter manipulation, reality warping, soul destruction, mind wrecking, vaporizing him with an energy blast etc. Galactus has countless ways to kill Broly. 
Here is another question for you to answer. If Galactus decides to teleport millions of supermassive black holes and quasars into Broly's mind, how will he survive it? He can't resist it. And let's say teleporting them there will not work, he could easily create an immeasurable number of them in Broly's mind or in his soul to destroy him. 
Broly loses. Galactus wins, very easily. 
Also take the Ultimate Nullifier into consideration. It can eliminate any target its user wants, it is capable of destroying the entire Marvel Multiverse in an instant. Galactus is its wielder, and he has described as a part of himself. He could simply use it to delete Broly's existence. 
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why is this thread still alive, it doesn't make since anymore, not like it ever did.
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Broly loses, badly. Newdeath and Hellos FTW.
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What the Fuck a made up character thread has 120 Post. Jeezus. Guys why not take time to look at other battle threads if you are this bored.
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This thread was over as soon as the title was put up.
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