ssj 2 Goku (buu saga) vs Akashiya ura moka

Topic started by SilverGalford on Oct. 4, 2012. Last post by Sonata 2 years, 5 months ago.
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i have seen this battle on internet ,(actually it was base mode Goku vs Moka chan ,i changed it a little bit) done by a moka fan lol! , so who do you think wins?.


morals off.


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These spite battles lately have been sickening. Rosario + Vampire is cool and everything but this is a horrible mismatch. And Goku has no morals so there is no reason for him to not off a planet busting Kamehameha in her face.

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Goku finally wipes that smug look off that arrogant vampire's face/

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Terrible spite thread.

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LOL goku would wipe her out with an energy blast

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What the hell is this!? come on now just because stupidity was placed on one forum doesn't mean we should spread it over here.
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