Spike Spiegel vs Revy

Topic started by Zorn on Dec. 8, 2008. Last post by Kobra678 7 months, 1 week ago.
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Ginji is a good example of what happens when you pit a bullet timer against Revy

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Added a few battle conditions to the match opener since I highly doubt the person who made this thread's popping up.

As for the match...

  1. Revy. She could take a beating from the Terminator Maid (i.e. Roberta), who could punch a man's head off and casually carry around an anti-material rifle one-handed throughout her second rampage in Ronapour.
  2. Revy again. She's been able to dispatch small groups of gunmen head-on without being injured, implying she has some degree of superhuman speed. In comparison, Spike sustained some gunshot wounds from mook Red Dragon members when he was going after Vicious in their final confrontation.

To be fair, I don't think this is a good match for Spike. A number of Black Lagoon characters have some degree of superhuman attributes demonstrated such as Ginji's bullet-cutting feat and Roberta's ridiculous capabilities.

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@Dream: I agree with everything except round one. Spike is a better fighter, and I think he would put her down if he breaks her arms. But the way I'm think of things is if he goes really violent on her. She does indeed have some super human speed, reflexes, and durability. Which would make it really hard to take her down. It really depends if this round is in character.

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Spike both rounds, especially in H2H. Anybody who understands martial arts knows this.

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@Whats_out_the_bag: Spike's peak human at best, as even he has been bested by other peak humans like Ed's father and Vincent. A hand-to-hand fight with Revy would be a worst experience for him than when he was getting whipped around by those two since she's near-superhuman in her capabilities.

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I agree. I cannot see the logic in Spike being the better H2H combatant. HE is not in Revy's league of strength. He can have better reactions all he likes. He can't take her hits and probably not parry them for long if at all. The gun round I see as much more likely.

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@taichokage: The logic behind it is, Spike fought with a man that can bullet-time. He easily out-skilled him and didn't get hit once. Therefore, if it's Revy, who los to a bullet-timer than she loses to Spike.

Though now that I think about it, Revy should win. Fighting for a long time with Roberta is impressive. Spike can't hit as hard as Roberta so he'll eventually get tired I guess. The gun round can go either wait.

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