Spider-man vs train

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spider-man has standard web shooters Train has his standard gear

this is post child regression train

Morals are on

Win by any means

random encounter


Both begin visible

Start 300 feat away

Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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I guess I could copy and paste the train feats from the thread on comicvine to here...

Redirecting multiple bullets from a trained killer rapidly firing twin pistols at him to the point dust is kicked up then proceeds to fire two bullets into the barrels of his guns. Last 2 scans are inverted.

He can easily leap 6-7 meters which is about 20-22 feet. He can also cartwheel dodging multiple goons with machine guns firing at him while taking them out in non-lethal shots.

He can hold a grenade then escape with almost zero damage just as it explodes. Last scan for some reason is missing but he is elsewhere with just part of his coat smoldering.

An accuracy feet which he deems a rusty one. He shoots a soda from a nice distance and "misses" 2 shots when he tried putting all six shots through the same hole and succeeds putting 4 through the same hole while the can was in mid-air.

Shot through a crowd of people to hit his target with a non-lethal bullet.

The scans are pieced. After scan 2 he relaxes his hit and falls but gets up so the softness of his neck muscles relaxed the blow. Just after the 3rd scan, he kicks the guy lol.

He turns and intercepts bullets from across a ballroom. 4th scan is just more bullet deflection.

He can dodge bullets near point black after fired. He can also tag a guy who can punch bullets back at people in 0.57 seconds (previous page but no scan) near full force of which they are fired, using perfectly calculated ricochet shots and to do so with just barely scraping his cheek to draw blood. Note the guy can create after images and swing his fist so fast and powerful that he generate mach speed fist projectile forces.

Train can also dodge a close quarter full machine gun clip from two machine guns from a trained killer and also swing his own gun so fast he create wind pressures to counter hell fire projections.

Scans 1-3 show one of Train's techniques called Black Claw. Scan 1 is a single claw ( a weakened version), scan 2-3 show the full version. The single claw itself easily broke an armor that can withstand with grenades. It took an RPG exploding point blank to shatter that armor with the men still alive.

Scans 4-8 show the different types of bullets.

Scan 4: Exploding bullets. Note the guy who he shot was capable of taking a hit to the head from a guy that could press thousands of pounds of concrete+ extra falling rubble landing on it. So it shows the durability Creed naturally had.

Scans 5-6: Tear gas bullets.

Scans 7-8: Liquid nitrogen bullets.

Scans 9-11: Railgun technique. It flies faster than a guy who can punch a bullet (in about .57 seconds) back at people at full force to perceive. It also plows into a boulder.

Scans 12-14: Black Cross, which causes an explosion too.

Final 2 scans: Shows burst railgun which shatters Creed's final sword level.

Forgot these too. Paralyzing bullets.

And in comparison to Creed, Train has durability himself. Creed's 3rd form can do this.

Creed grabbed Train and smashed him into a stone tower and crumbled it inward and Trained was KO'd briefly but got up to fight shortly after. So he can take some punishment himself. I won't say he can tank dozens of hits from Spider-Man but just showing he does have a degree of durability himself and has rolled with hits from bullet reactors who break trees down with his hits. So it was a skill and speed feat.

Train also carries flashbangs with him and other grenades and uses them frequently. He often throws them and shoots them with bullets to keep their effects ranged.

I'll also upload a good chunk of his fight with Creed. It has a few reflex feats in there too.

Maybe this helps?


Here is the thread on comicvine if any of you want to check that out as well to see what the people of comicvine had to say....

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