Spider-Man vs Allen Walker

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- Full knowledge

- Allen during Suman Dark's Fallen arc

- Standard equipment

- In-Character

- Winner by Death or KO

- Setting is the empty streets of New York

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I'll say Allen.

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Spider-Man blitz him

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Spidey is not faster than Allen. This early version of Allen could strike with his giant arm at Mach 1 and had a lifting strength of 10 tons, not including his smaller arm. That's already faster and stronger than Spidey as a whole. It's not a stomp but Allen should win. Spidey sense is the only thing that could draw it out.
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@taichokage: spidey is hell fast,but more than that he has incredible agility, one of the best.

he blitzed the fantastic 4

tagged iron man (tony can reach escape velocity with his suit.)

and trolled red hulk which could keep up with the silver surfer.

and you know...blitzed thor.

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