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Atomsk is hinted at being a galaxy buster and in his actual lone appearance in FLCL's final episode, everything in the proximity was being sucked into him which included the giant hand that was on the iron that housed Medical Mechanica. In said same appearance, it only took him a matter of seconds to fly out of Earth's orbit. All the other contestants are gonna be struggling to prevent being sucked into the Pirate Lord than to worry about slaughtering one another. Even with what limited info there is about Atomsk, his feats from his lone appearance at the end of FLCL seem grand enough where he could wipe the floor with the other fighters.
@DJSNuva1: N.O. is the combined use of the left and right sides of the brain that create an interdimensional gateway that allows something to be pulled from anywhere in the universe. The stronger the connection between both sides of the brain, the stronger the gateway is at pulling objects or living beings. The gateway is normally opened up in times of great stress and duty, such as Naota's coming-of-age moments.
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@DJSNuva1 said:
" @cfatalis: What is N.O? "
science behind bugs hammer space
 so basically a person with a big N.O can do anything on FLCL universe
bigger N.O bigger stuff
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