Soul Society Arc Ichigo Kurosaki Vs Enies Lobby Arc Roronoa Zoro

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@supernova7005: OBD tends to have their feats be a bit too high. They also tend to play favorites in their battles saying certain characters who are weak will beat strong characters just cause they like a certain series better.

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I love how you use OBD calcs, the same OBD that uses pixel-scaling and an online formula transmitter to get their feats.

Did you know, with pixel scaling, Ulquiorra's Lanza is calced at mach 350 - 1000?

Are you implying that H2 Ichigo is that fast now?

Shut your cum guzzling mouth and stop using pixel scaling.

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For this battle, I am leaning to Ichigo mainly because of his speed.

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I give this to ichigo. I agree with whoever said above that while Zoro as indeed strong pre time skip, he wasn't nearly as strong as ichigo. i do not foresee a great gap in their speed and strength, but i see ichigo taking this

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I also think that the hollow is a sort of insurance policy. In the instance that he were slightly losing, it would almost guarantee a win. So again I'm siding with Ichigo but not by much.
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im going with ichigo because if all else fails his hollow powers could takes this for him
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@EraserCannon said:

@supernova7005: > Has not read One Piece

> Admitted that he watches OP Vids on Youtube to see their feats

> Thinks he can judge OP on that

> Still thinks his opinion matters

Enies Lobby Zoro and SS Arc Ichigo are comparable in Speed

Zoro's strength >>>>>>>>>>> Ichigo's strength

Zoro's durability >>>>>>>>>> Ichigo's durability

Some of this isn't true. Ichigo by far has the speed advantage Byakuya Shikai is 1k blades and his bankai 1000 swords split into 1000 blades each. Ichigo was attack with all 1,000,000 simultaneously and blocked each of them into the matter of seconds. Zoro doesn't have a fighting speed feat anywhere close near that. And i doubt his durability is all that much greater at this point either.

Skip to around 1:10 or so Ichigo is pretty damn quick

Mach 23 is way low considering this people are grossly under estimating Ichigo's speed in this fight.

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