Soi Fon vs Bui

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The brutish axe-wielder of Team Toguro vs the Captain of the Second Squad, Soi Fon!

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Soifon might play this out like Hiei did. She could utilize her speed to avoid his raw power and use jakuho raikoben which Bui might be able to deflect but most likely couldn't do so twice.
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Soifons speed along with her shikai would most likely give her the win here

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bui, he should be faster and could one shot soi fon if he hit her with a serious attack. the only thing soi fon has that can take out bui is her shikai and i highly doubt she could connect two hits on a faster opponent before getting hit herself or even get pass his battle aura.

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With deadly techniques soi fon has up her arsenal like Kazaguruma... Takigoi... And the very deadly Shunko... Bui as strong as he is doesn't stand a chance... Soi fon will prove despite her size that she's as powerful as she is quick
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soi fon would lose. i highly doubt she could penetrate his battle aura(especially if DOTDF couldnt). bui needs one good hit and she's dead. soi fon need prep to use her bankai

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