Soi Fon vs Base Ulquiorra

Topic started by EternalWrath on Feb. 23, 2014. Last post by supernova7005 1 year ago.
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Ulquiorra will not transform. 
I'm not using the current version of Soi. Espada Arc version of her.
The fight takes place in Soul Society. 
No prep. 
Both are in character. 
Win via Death. 
Who wins?
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Speed is what matters most here. Soifon with Shunko can probably equal or exceed Ulquiorra's h2h but not his swordsmanship. Soifon is very fast but faster than Vizard bankai Ichigo? I don't know but it's what this battle comes down to. Assuming Soifon is faster than she wins via Nigeki Kessatsu. Assuming she weren't than Ulquiorra wins simply by overpowering her.
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soi fon fought quite well against segunda espada. she should take it against this version of ulquiorra

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I think that Soi-Fon could even stand up to R1 Ulquiorra, but not R2. With her speed and H2H combat, she should be able to overwhelm Ulquiorra with her special 2 strike technique. know...she could just nuke him :3

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Soifon takes it 6/10 without her Bankai, given what we know of her Shunpo prowess and her Hakuda skills. Ulquiorra is primarily a CQC fighter too, so in a close-up fight, Soifon would be able to tag Ulquiorra at the same spot twice without receiving any serious injuries before that occurs.

With her Bankai, she'll have no problem one-shotting Ulquiorra.

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Soifon wins against Base Ulq, solely due to her speed. Mid diff IMO.

But once Ulquiorra releases its over for her.

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